Women’s Knitting program at Camp Hope Hostel: 30/7/2017

Camp Hope members are utilizing their time in a very fruitful way.Camp ladies nowadays are spending their entire day knitting the clothes.They are making woolen caps, sweaters, trousers etc. so that they can sell and earn money for their households.Previously they got their knitting, sewing training in our big Camp Hope and now they are making benefits from those training. 

These ladies have developed their skills and this is making their lives much easier and pleasant.

                    Camp Hope members looking at the details of their product.

                    One of the oldest member of Camp Hope working on her product.

                                                  Work in Progress!

                                  Ladies busy with their work. Focused and dedicated!

Earthquake in Nepal: 25th April 2015




Dear friends and reader,


Thank you for your concern and good wishes since the devastating earthquake that took place in Nepal on 25th April 2015. We received an overwhelming number of emails, phone calls and messages and are deeply touched by your concern and eagerness to help. It gave us strength and comfort during this difficult time. Almost two years have passed, and Nepal is still healing from these deep traumas. And we are still here to help in that process.


Measuring 7.8 in the Richter scale, the earthquake left a profound trail of destruction in the villages surrounding Kathmandu, in Kavre District (the location of Dwarika’s Resort Dhulikhel) and Sindhupalchowk, along with many other areas of central and western Nepal. More than 8,000 lives have been lost, countless homes and villages destroyed. 


After addressing the needs of our guests, staff and other tourists, we began distributing food, tents and other essential supplies to affected areas where relief had not yet reached. We had groups of staff going out to survey the needs of remote communities and immediately helping these areas. Other staff members were busy procuring and packing relief materials to send out. Once the immediate crisis was managed, our work focused on helping people to reconstruct their homes and villages, and for this, we urge your support.


A second earthquake hit the country on 12th May 2015, and an Internally Displaced Person Camp was lifted in Kathmandu, with temporary settlements for the people from Sindhupalchowk, the earthquake’s epicenter region that consequently lost almost 90% of its homes. 


Since their land and homes are inhabitable, the IDP Camp was home to many villagers including the elderly, children, and pregnant women – a total of 350 people. The camp grew and developed into “Hope Camp”. The children were enrolled in a nearby school and have been outfitted with school bags, books and supplies, and the seniors received training lessons on different labour components.


Nowadays, the villagers returned to Sindhupalchowk to work on the construction on their new houses under the “Our Dream Village” project. Most of the children remain in the capital; so they are able continue to attend school and their studies. From the IDP Hope Camp, these children moved to the nearby Hope Camp Hostel, a which provides rooms for them to sleep, a study room and an eating area, as well as guidance from 5 parents who look after them 24 hours a day. The project guarantees their lodging, surveillance and daily care, schooling, medical care, meals, football practices (guided by the volunteer football player Om B. Raut), after school tutoring and extra activities.


In the presence of situations meant to be temporary, we are currently in the process of assessing the villager’s land, homes and farms, in order to construct new homes. With this will, “Our Dream Village” project was born, and with it, the intention of building 230 houses to re-home all those still deeply affected by the earthquake. 


Dwarika’s Foundation has joined forces with Shanti Leprahilfe Dortmund, as brothers in arms in pursuing these mutual goals since day one. Others have joined, such as Associação Obrigado Portugal, Namlo Europa and EcoHimal Nepal.


It is vitally important that the Nepalese people affected by this natural disaster are able rebuild their lives quickly, sustainably and with dignity. With this in mind and heart, we would like to invite you to be a part of our visions, projects and ideals.


The purpose of this blog is to update anyone interested on our daily and weekly efforts. For more information, we may send a more detailed newsletter to those who might express a deeper interest in the projects. 


Thank you for keeping Nepal in your thoughts and prayers, as we work on addressing and rising from this disaster with strength, courage and persistence. 


With deep gratitude,


Ambica Shrestha, Sangita Shrestha Einhaus, Rene Vijay Shrestha Einhaus and the entire Dwarika’s and Kathmandu Travels & Tours family





Yoga classes in Camp Hope Hostel: 17/7/2017

‘Yoga ‘is the practice of retrieving and incorporating all aspects of our true nature body, mind, and spirit.Our camp hope children are taking ‘Yoga’ classes from instructor Mr.Shambu Prasad Paudyal every day in the morning from 7:30 am to 8:30 am.Yoga will not only help to strengthen their physical body but also will make their mental health good. These children are learning each method of yoga sincerely and start their day with meditation. These exercises will help to develop their confidence and concentrate better in their lives. Some of the asanas our camp children perform are breathing asanas (pranayama), Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), Kapal Bhati, triangle pose and other exercises.

We hope these yoga practices will help them to be focused on their studies and other works.

                  Camp Hope children performing breathing exercise in their daily Yoga session.

                   Children performing ‘bhamri’ or ‘Humming bee breath’ exercise.

              Children doing their meditation in presence of Yoga instructor, Mr. Shambu Prasad.

              Simran, Anu in the front and other children performing exercises at Camp Hope Hostel

A Heartwarming Farewell to Mr. João – 22/6/2017

A very emotional and memorable ceremony concluded in Camp Hope hostel while giving a farewell to Obrigado Portugal volunteer Mr. João Hipolito. João helped camp hope families and gave his time and effort to Our Dream Village project for three months. He showed how someone can be helpful to others and still be happy fulfilling others needs and dreams. Camp hope families gave him a heart-warming ceremony for his help and support to this project. The ceremony started with some Buddhism prayers, cake cutting and music and dance. Children gave their best wishes to João for his future endeavors and thanked him for his immense help and support. 

We all wish you a wonderful journey ahead João and hope to meet you soon!

                                        João with little Camp Hope kids

                            Villagers giving their best wishes and thanks to João by putting’ khada’.

                         Smiling João in Nepalese traditional hat ‘Dhaka Topi’.

                           João cutting the cake on his farewell ceremony.

                               Camp kids giving their well wishes and gratitude to João

Surveyor Team Visits Sindupalchowk District: 1/5/2017

A whole team of land surveyors, volunteers from Obrigado Portugal and Dwarika’s foundation staffs visited the Sindupalchowk district for pegging the land in order to start the Dream Village project. The surveyor had to only peg those lands which were safe to make homes as per the geological report.

Villagers were quite excited as their Dream Village project has started its work. Surveyors and the team will be staying for four to five days until all the safe land is pegged for building homes.

                         Villagers helping the Surveyors finding the land.

                       Survey team measuring land for plotting at Sindhupalchowk site

                                    Surveyor team with their equipment.

                                                Pegging of land.

Visit at Sindupalchowk District : 1/5/2017

Villagers welcomed the team from Kathmandu at Sindupalchowk district where Dream Village project is going to be built. The team included volunteers from Obrigado Portugal, Surveyors team, Sangita Shrestha Einhaus, engineers from the Dwarika’s hotel. The meeting was held at the district discussing the topic of the land exchange between villagers.In this project villager whose land are safe to build homes are sharing it with the one whose land are not safe according to the geological survey report. This is a collaborating project where each villager is helping each other to build their homes. We hope this unity will inspire people to do something good for others.

                  Villagers welcoming guests in Sindupalchowk district.

                    DugunaGadi committee members, Volunteers, villagers in meeting

                                  Villagers involvement in the meeting

Meeting of Sindupalchowk villagers with Bank representative- 28/4/2017

A small meeting was held at Dwarika’s premises with Sindupalchowk villagers and Himalayan Bank employee. The main purpose of this meeting was to help villagers in need in granting loans to buy land. This meeting with bank people has boosted the villager’s energy in completing the Dream Village project more effectively.

                  Sangita Shrestha Einhaus , Villagers and Bank people in Dwarika’s premises.

                 Bank employee in discussion with Finance controller of Dwarika’s.

                           Bank representative giving some details.

New Students in Camp Hope Hostel- 27/4/2017

Four new students from marginalized family background were enrolled in our Camp Hope hostel. These four kids named Aakash, Bibek, Kopila and Shree Krishna were very excited to meet their new friends and get enrolled in Samata School.

Because of devastating earthquake these child studies was hampered. We hope their new journey in Camp hope hostel will be enjoyable and learning experience.

             Camp hope hostel new members Aakash, Bibek, Kopila and Shreekrishna.

Meeting with Duguna Gadi Villagers at Camp Hope Hostel: 29/3/2017

A small meeting was held at Camp Hope Hostel on 29th march 2017 in presence of Duguna Gadi Committee villagers, Dwarika’s foundation, and members from Obrigado Portugal, Namlo Europa and Shanti Sewa Griha. The main agenda of this meeting was to discuss about the upcoming big project for all these people, ‘The Dream Village’ project. The discussion included topics like name list of householders, the workers list for the project, women’s work during project etc.

The beginning of the ‘The Dream Village’ project has started and we all hope that it will be a memorable journey.

                           Sanu Sherpa discussing on the topic.

                                    Participant’s villagers in the meeting.

                          Participants members of the meeting.

Bulldozer,Truck & Stone Crusher handover to villagers from Japanese Ambassador: 20/3/2017

On 20th march 2017 Japanese ambassador H.E.Mr.Masasi Ogawa handed over a bulldozer, truck and stone crusher to the villagers of Camp Hope through Dwarika’s Foundation. This bulldozer, truck and stone crusher will be used for building their dream houses in their own villages. This symbolic event started the next step to the main project ‘The Dream Village ‘of building 230 houses in the Sindupalchowk district. The ceremony included traditional dances from the villagers and camp hope kids. The program was attended by Mrs. Ambica Shrestha and Business Professional Women (BPW) members.

Ambassador Ogawa was very much pleased to help these villagers in building their houses. We heartily thank Japanese Embassy and people of Japan in playing a vital part in our Dream Village Project.

             Villagers performs traditional dance in front of Ambassador.

              Traditional Buddhists rituals performed by villagers.

              Mrs.Ambica Shrestha giving her well wishes to villagers for their new project.

       Camp Hope girls Tashi,Lakpa and Sneha performing dance in the event.

            Ambassador Ogawa giving his speech for the villagers.

       Old village members with Ambassador, Ambica Shrestha and Sangita Shrestha Einhaus.

                  Bulldozer handover to villagers.

                        Truck handover to the villagers.

            Stone crusher from the people of Japan to villagers.

        Villagers and guests with the Japanese ambassador H.E. Masashi Ogawa.

Bhai Tika - A festivity of Relation : 1/11/2016

The festive period is still on. It’s the festivity of brother and sister relation, Bhai Tika.Bhai tika was celebrated at camp hope where Ms.Francisca and other visited the camp.

The celebration was done by putting tika and garland between brother and sisters.Francisca also celebrated by receiving tika from the men of camp hope. The delicious food, fruits, rotis and drinks were served to everyone. The members and the visitants relished the day by dancing in traditional form. The ladies were seen wearing their traditional costumes.

A beautiful festive day was spent in camp hope by wishing each other for the prosperous future and vigorous life.

 Francisca puts Bhai tika and wore a garland 

 Members of camp hope performing in their ritual dancing 

 Francisca and her friends participating and enjoying the ritual dance 

Camp ladies in their traditional dresses 

Saturday, 11th July

Several weeks ago, we realized that we needed to raise the kitchen and dining tents since we are in the midst of the monsoon. The dining tent is the largest public space and it is extremely important for everyone to have a dry place to eat and gather to escape the Kathmandu rains. As luck would have it, IOM (the International Organization for Migration) had visited the camp and we asked for their help in this project. About five weeks later, IOM informed us that they would provide the materials.

Finally, we broke ground and started the construction today; bamboo was cut, bricks and roofing were delivered. Our camp members are providing the labor and are helping in all phases of the building. We anticipate it should be finished in a few days.

If you have been reading the blog, you will know that Saturdays around Camp Hope are some of the most enjoyable days. We had an art therapy communal painting session where several of the children painted on a large board that will be posted in the dining tent. Everyone enjoys these visits as it is so important to raise everyone's spirits.


Week 6: Days 29- 31

Friday, 21st May to Monday 26th of May

We have added an additional tent especially for 6 disabled people along with a special kitchen specially designed to address their needs.

All camp members have been given an ID card, in order to help us to manage everyone's requirements more efficiently. We have been experiencing hot days followed by strong thunderstorms and winds in the evening and the residents at the camp are continuing to hold strong against these turbulent times


Week 6: Days 29- 31

Friday, 21st May to Monday 26th of May

We have added an additional tent especially for 6 disabled people along with a special kitchen specially designed to address their needs.

All camp members have been given an ID card, in order to help us to manage everyone's requirements more efficiently. We have been experiencing hot days followed by strong thunderstorms and winds in the evening and the residents at the camp are continuing to hold strong against these turbulent times


Week 6: Days 29- 31

Friday, 21st May to Monday 26th of May

We have added an additional tent especially for 6 disabled people along with a special kitchen specially designed to address their needs.


All camp members have been given an ID card, in order to help us to manage everyone's requirements more efficiently. We have been experiencing hot days followed by strong thunderstorms and winds in the evening and the residents at the camp are continuing to hold strong against these turbulent times.

Week 1: Day 6

Friday, 1st May 2015

Having ensured that our guests were able to depart Nepal safely, today we began our wider relief efforts. The following items were delivered to Nuwakot District, in collaboration with Business and Professional Women (BPW):

- Bisuits                                 40 packets

- Noodles                              40 packets

- Glucose Powder                2kg

- Salt                                      4kg

- Sugar                                   2kg

- Beaten Rice                        8kg

- Dalmot (lentil snack)        4kg