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Farewell to the first and big Camp Hope - 20/03/2017

After living for two years in camp, the camps of our big camp hope was finally dismantled. This camp journey helped each of these individuals to get united in concluding the task.

Now, their new mission together is to build their homes, so that they can have a permanent shelter. The children residing in the camp will be transferred to camp hope hostel. Camp members were feeling down that they had to dismantle their camp.

As for two years, this camp was like their family to each person, all the camp members were like their family members.

Although, they were depressed about parting from the camp, but they were glad that they have a new mission to finish out working together, which is building their new home.

A home where they can live together with their children and share all this struggling but beautiful journey of camp hope. For now we give farewell to our big camp hope but we still have a beautiful journey to live in our camp hope hostel.

                                                            Camp Hope

                                       Camp Hope camps finally dismantled!

                                        The last camp remaining to dismantle

                                  Camp members getting the stuff from camp.

                    Camp Hope children Binita and Rinza looking for their things.

                                                     Farewell Big Camp Hope !