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Deusi Bhailo Celebrations - 10/11/2015

Celebrating the Festival of Lights: Deusi Bhailo, the Nepali tradition equivalent to caroling was a major success during the celebrations of Tihar the much awaited  festival of lights , the festival that reveres Goddess Laxmi , celebrates  love, joy, brotherhood, close family ties and bonding. Tihar beckoned much joy in the camp right from the ceremonious sel roti cooked in huge pans and fire wood to enthusiastic cultural dances and traditional songs presented by the children of the camp with great merriment and glee that added  more to the splendor of the brightly lit tents of the Camp Hope. The festive occasion took a more celebratory tone with  Bhai Tika, the festival that celebrates  love and the deep  bond between brothers and sisters. Sean smiling and brotherly welcomed long lasting bonds accepting Bhai Tika from sisters of the camp who blessed him with an abundance of good wishes, longevity, Makhmali garland and Saptarangi Tika, symbols celebrating the deep and eternal  bond between brothers and sisters. 

Tihar celebrations and Deusi Bhailo songs with Gazaal, Pedro, Sean, Laxmi,Mendo and friends 

Bhai Tika offerings  for a brother- Sean with Laxmi, Dabuti, Kalpana and Binita 

The  joyful  ultimate Bhai Tika Selfie : Sean, Binita, Dabuti, Kalpana, Lhamu and  Laxmi