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Wednesday,1st July

The inspired and compassionate Heiko Grosspietsch of Shant Sewa Griha foundation has generously helped the people of Camp Hope since the beginning. The foundation supports-

"People from all over Nepal are sent or brought here. Leprosy sufferers, accident victims, children and adults with physical disabilities due to polio, people with physical or mental handicap, the chronically ill, women expelled by their families, orphans, the blind, the deaf and people who are old and fragile."

Heiko has arranged for a craftsman from Shanti to teach the men in our camp how to make bamboo stools. Inspired by these people turning disability into limitless ability.

We were so impressed to see the some of the Camp Hope residents have constructed awnings - entrance porches to their tents. Another now has a timber frame, filled that with crushed rock at the main door - a place that isn't muddy to remove their shoes. A team of men adjusted the tent guy ropes - like pros ! These small examples demonstrate self-reliance, motivation and initiative -such positive traits under trying circumstances.  We want to nurture this proactive spirit. Today an exciting meeting took place at Dwarikas, to discuss the possibilities of implementing a vocational training program.

Thousands of displaced people from Nepal's remote mountain areas now reside in Kathmandu camps. These people mostly come from the northern districts of Sindhupalchowk and Rasuwa, in several cases entire villages have been relocated (i.e. the entire Langtang Village of Rasuwa) from locations that geotechnical assessments have deemed unsafe to return to. The land where these villages previously existed has been structurally compromised: there are deep cracks in the earth which during the approaching monsoon will fill with water resulting in the likelihood of catastrophic landslides and slopes destabilized by the series of earthquakes & recurring aftershocks are at much greater risk of slope failure when saturated during the monsoon. The time frame for safe resettlement or relocation to alternative sites is highly uncertain. Realistically, construction and resettlement will not be feasible to until post-monsoon.

Why not use the long wait in Kathmandu as time for vocational training in construction and artisan trades, vital for the rebuilding of Nepal. There is an acute shortage of skilled labor required for the massive post-earthquake reconstruction, restoration and seismic retrofitting throughout urban and rural Nepal. Vocational skills would include- Masonry, Carpentry, Plumbing for Drinking Water and Sanitation, Electricians, Welding and Roofing etc. All in high demand to rebuild and restore Nepal.

Such an outpouring of affection from the kids at the camp for Bruno Costa & Lourenco Macedo Santos. The kids simply adore these fun guys who have returned to Nepal to continue building houses -

Today was Tshering Sherpa's 14th Birthday - Happy Birthday Tshering ! Bruno Presented Tshering with official Portugal football shirt!