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Wednesday, 17th June

We got in touch with an organization called Waves 4 Water, as they have been providing water filtration systems for disaster victims who don't have access to clean water. The director from the Nepali chapter came to give us a demonstration. Wow! He took a few handfuls of dirt and put it in the bucket to make the demonstration more effective. Clearly the water was filthy, but after pumping it a few times into the glass, the water was crystal clear. This tiny tiny water filter gets hooked up to an ordinary bucket and can provide 1 million gallons of clean water, which is equal to 100 people for five years! He provided three for the villages in the mountains and two for the camp; one for the kitchen tent and one for the kids area. A big thanks to Waves 4 Water!

The rest of the day was busy with final preparation for the helicopter supply drop. We had lots of last minute requests for the villagers; toothbrushes, toothpaste, laundry soap, matches, candles and other necessities.

Living in such close quarters makes it difficult to prevent others from getting sick (once someone has a virus or other illness.). In the evening, we prepared an isolation area for those who are sick in the camp.