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Thursday, 11th June

The morning began with a beautiful blessing and naming ceremony for the newest member of our camp. Camp Hope is lucky to have our own lama (priest) residing with us. He conducted a traditional Buddhist ceremony for Mingma, our little baby of hope born two days ago. Holy water was given to the baby, his parents and grand parents. It brought tears to our eyes. We are hoping they will nickname him hope, but perhaps

IOM (International Organization for Migration), one of the largest relief organizations for displaced people arrived to begin filming at the camp. They have visited several camps around Kathmandu Valley and were surprised to find our camp in such a good condition. The IOM representative informed us that Camp Hope was the only camp who had raised the tents onto platforms to prevent water from coming into the tents during the monsoon. A big kudos to the Camp Hope team...according to a few of their reps, our camp was the cleanest and most well-organized camp. It is our hope that we will benefit from their visit; additional funds to pay for raising our washing area, kitchen and dining tent. We also discussed the possibility of receiving corrugated roofs for the dining area for further protection during the monsoon season.

Since most displaced people lost their Nepalese identification cards in the earthquake, it is extremely important for the government to issue new ID cards in a timely manner. A group of officials spent the day at the camp going through everyone's identification, taking fingerprints and issuing new ID cards. It was a long and tedious process for everyone involved, but thankfully it went smoothly.