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Site Visit to Tatopani VDC, Sindhupalchowk: 05/10/2015

Site Visit: The foundations of a mile stone in the history of Camp Hope was laid by the first ever site visit of the Vice Chairperson of the Dwarika's Foundation,Sangita Shrestha Einhaus to Tatopani, VDC Sindupalchowk one of the most impacted districts  that was flattened out by the May 12th earthquake. Sangita Shrestha Einhaus, spear heading this challenging, arduous and yet rewarding  task says,” Walking through the  villages that had been razed to rubble and witnessing first-hand the massive destruction of the earthquake was shocking and dreadful, the destruction was inconceivable and  tenfold more than that imagined by us.” The long and arduous first site visit lays the foundation of the dream project, “Our Dream Village Rebuilding Duguna Gadi Villages,” that envisions  the rebuilding and restoration of 14 villages and foresees the building of  222 seismic approved and designed houses, incorporating traditional lifestyles and designs.

The destroyed embankments of the Bhote Koshi River before the village 

Uphill through difficult terrain Vice Chairperson of the Dwarika’s Foundation,Sangita Shrestha Einhaus  

Vice Chairperson of the Dwarika’s Foundation talking with Geologist Dr. DP Adhikari 

Holy stupas in ruins after the massive earthquake 

The sudden appearance  of a stream on the way to Dimithang after the earthquake 

 The damage that has made houses uninhabitable: Mr. Rejong’s house  

Villagers of Dumithang  describing the earthquake to Sangita Shrestha Einhaus, the Vice Chairperson of the Dwarika’s Foundation

Wrecked and shattered houses in the village 

 Salvaging and rescuing what ever can be saved from the rubble 


Villagers of Duguna  waiting to warmly welcome the team

94 year old Ratna  Bahadur Kafle,  the oldest resident, welcomes the team.

Garlanded and welomed in  Bhumachaur and Yarmasing , Kale, Tokey and Hienko

The shattered Tashi Darkaling monastery at Yarmasing 

Sonam’s  house perched at the edge  of the landslide along Yarmasing

Pemba Sherpa’s house  in Bhumachaur destroyed after the earthquake 

One of the many temporary shelters in the village of Thansur

Victims overlooking their shattered homes with resigned acceptance

Drawings and stationery scattered inside the destroyed primary school, Shree Bhumachaur, Yarmasing

Arable culitvable land destroyed by huge cracks after the earthquake

Making way through the night surrounded by   remains of the Bhote Koshi bridge