The earthquake was of such magnitude and impact that the soil structure of the Sindhupalchowk has changed almost completely. One of he project’s first approach facing the villages reconstruction was through the elaboration of a geological and topographic detailed survey, in order to confirm and identify the low risk areas, and outline the final perimeter of the right areas for construction.

The original 14 villages will be reallocated into 7 locations, taking into account the limited space available, the local heritage and the community as a whole. The villagers have found temporary locations. They formed village arrangements close to their initial dwellings, as it is impossible to return to the original locations due to the extensive damage caused by the earthquake.

1. Yarmasing Tole:  44

2. Tauma, Thangsur, Chimmi Dada: 82

3. Duguna: 31

4. Dada Tole: 41

5. Kharku: 4

6. Tanga: 7

7. Tashitang: 13

Total: 222