As you may remember, Our Dream Village project’s goal is to rebuild 222 houses for the 1181 people from Sidupalchowk. The reconstruction works will take place on the mountain, where earthquakes, landslides and heavy rains have seriously damaged the lands. Thus, there are only a few pockets of land considered by the geologists as low risk areas where people can live. The rest of the land can be used for farming and agriculture. But for this to be possible, people have to work as a united community. 

In this purpose, the DUGUNA GADI VILLAGES DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE was created. The committee is made up of representatives of the 14 villages that the project will benefit, and is in charge to organize the community, the division and sharing of the lands. 

Many villagers owning low risk area lands have handed them to the Committee for the sake of the community. 

Big teamwork has been done to locate the available lands on the map

Neema and Doma working on the databases and translations