Mr. Narayal Dhakal from Eco Himal along with Mr. Mario and the Portuguese team from the partner Obricado Portugal and Mr. D B Basnet (Guru Jee) from the Dwarika’s Foundation visited to Duguna Gadi Village in Tatopani VDC, Sindhupalchowk  for the updates on the roads, building and water supply as well as to examine the poles put in  by geologists to control the ground movement.

The purpose of the visit of Eco Himal to the village was to conduct the survey to analyze whether or not the area is suitable to plan the Bio Gas Plant.  The villagers of the Duguna Gadi will be highly advantaged if the Bio Gas plant could be implemented on the site in future. This could be one of the sustainable initiative for the 1240 villagers who will be resettled in the “Our Dream Village” and it will be economical too. 

Mr. Mario joined the visit to the Duguna village and he donated to the “Our Dream Village” project the amount equivalent to build one house which is highly appreciated and the Dwarika’s foundation is very grateful to him for his immense generosity.

Guru jee along with the executive director of Eco Himal Mr.Narayan Dhakal  and the team walking through the only access to the Duguna Gadi Village, Sindhupalchowk

Mr. Mario getting welcomed by one of the villager in Tatopani VDC

The Portuguese group: Angela , Francisca , Pedro and Lorenzo catching up with the villagers of TatopanI VDC

Villagers in Duguna already started to cultivate their land