Winter clothing distribution at Tatopani: After a successful drive to Tatopani, it was time to distribute winter clothing and blankets to the people from 14 villages for whom the Dwarika’s Foundation is planning to build 222 houses for approximately 1240 people. There were different age group of people who came all the way from their temporary houses residing in different villages to collect the warm clothing and blankets. As seen in above pictures, they were very joyful to get the essentials from the Dwarika’s Foundation and we are extremely fulfilled to help the displaced people of Tatopani, Sindhupalchok.

Elderly lady receiving the warm clothes and blankets distributed by the Dwarika’s Foundation

People from Tatopani VDC returning to their temporary home after collecting blankets and warm winter clothes

Young boy holding the blanket and winter clothes

Happy lady receiving warm clothes and blanket for her little one and herself