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Special Friday’s movie night - 23/09/2016

Actor and moviemaker Eduardo Verástegui sent Camp Hope his latest movie “Little Boy”, an inspirational movie with three central messages: hope, love and faith. He also recorded a video for the Camp Hope family, sending a personalized message which reflected his interest in them. This was a great surprise for Camp Hope’s residents and made this movie night very memorable and special occasion.

In his video message, the producer Mr. Verástegui talked about the importance of loving and forgiving more than we judge or complain, and invited the Camp Hope members to put all their efforts in becoming the best version of themselves, by putting their talents at the service of other people, what he calls “being a hero”. In order to motivate the children to excel academically, he also talked about how education is crucial for having access to better opportunities. 

The children, teenagers and adults truly enjoyed the film and agreed to answer back to Mr. Eduardo trough a video message and thank him for his interest and support.


Mr. Eduardo Verástegui sent a personalized video message for Camp Hope 

Ben Eagle, the super hero of Little Boy 

Sosan posing like Ben Eagle, de Super Hero of Little Boy movie 

Ben Eagle pose – Bibas and Raju

Children, teenagers and adults enjoyed the film