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Playing football will never be the same! - 22/09/2016

Camp Hope female soccer team has made big progress due to the girls and young women efforts and dedication. Despite playing barefoot for a long time, they have never lost their enthusiasm.

As you may recall, in May 2016 the Portuguese soccer player Hugo Viana and his wife visited the camp. Aware of the girls’ motivation and interest in soccer, he decided to support the female team to be well equipped for their coming football match. He sponsored football shoes for all the girls in the team! 

It was a challenge to find these types of shoes for the 14 girls, but after visiting over 10 shops and trying around 4 pairs each, all of them got spanking new shoes! 

Thank you Hugo for supporting Camp Hope girls in their efforts in sports.

Rinza, volunteer Lya, Doma, Suhana and Manisha at the shoes shop

 The female team showing off their new soccer shoes

 Nhisa and Sneha

 Doma trying her new soccer shoes