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Sudden Storm hit the Kathmandu and Camp Hope - 03/04/2016

Thousands living in open spaces around the valley and its outskirts were affected by the sudden storm on 28th March. The high wind blew away many of the tents from the camp formed after the earthquake and in the same time, the Camp Hope which is made of tents and bamboo was  affected to some extent with resulting the damages of one study room tent and 2 residents tent. After the storm passed,  residents   made sure that everybody at  the Camp Hope is safe. The residents at the Camp Hope  strengthen the ropes of each tent, of each of their ” houses” once the storm was stopped. This storm reminded all of us the importance of the project “Our Dream Village “  to rebuild their villages, their homes where they will be safe and sound .

 Camper running inside the Camp Hope while there was massive storm

Brief dust storm affected the Camp Hope on 28th March