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Computer Classes for the Camp Hope children - 21/03/2016

The Dwarika’s Foundation is undoubtedly very grateful to Mr. Barry Evans for his enduring support for our Camp Hope project. Furthermore to two laptops, we have purchased 6 Desktop computers, inverters and solar batteries to run the computer class for our children every day who never has been introduced to computers in their earlier student life. In today’s globalized world, we hardly think about our life without the use of computers so on that note the Dwarika’s foundation is infinitely beholden to Mr. Barry Evans for his kindest heart to provide the donation for the computers and other essentials to make our children computer literate and hopefully IT professionals in the coming future.

The IT professionals of Dwarika’s Hotel  Mr. Saurav Shrestha and Mr. Sangay Lama   are  running computer class every day for the children to learn it speedily as there are collage going students too in the camp who need to learn computer knowledge in order to do their day to day assignments in collage.

 Students of Camp Hope keen in using computers while in Computer class

Solar batteries and inverters to run the computer class during load shedding

  IT staff of the Dwarika’s Hotel Mr. Saurav Shrestha with our little Camper Pema along with other students during computer class

Children grouped in learning while in computer class

Computers while not in use