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Wednesday, 24th June

One of our guests told us about a temporary shelter in need of help near Swayambhunath. In the morning, two of our volunteers went to visit the camp for survivors of Langtang, an area where an avalanche literally wiped out a village in mere seconds. The majority of this camp have lost several members of their family. The camp is located in the yard of a monastery and although they have shelter and food, the feeling amongst the villagers is utter sadness. They lack the one thing our Camp Hope members have....hope. We thought we could bring our help to these people who are in desperate need of camp organization; communal kitchen, medical, schooling and activities. We are planning to have a few of their 'team leaders' visit Camp Hope within the next few days.

In the afternoon, the stools were in full swing and many of the men were completing their first piece. While walking around to check the tents in the evening, we listened to the sounds of chants from one women, the pitter patter of children running around and laughter from the kids returning from school. We also had a visit from four lamas whose three-year, three-month, three-week, three-day meditation in a cave in the Himalayas. They were interrupted in their second year by the earthquake. One of the lamas was from Yarmasing, one of our camp members villages.