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Tuesday, 23rd June

Thanks to Shanti Sewa Griha, we began training the men how to make woven stools. One of their staff arrived in the morning to teach the men this new crafts skill. Not only is wonderful because they are learning new techniques, but once they return to their village, they can continue producing for themselves, or as a small business. They are made of simple materials; bamboo, a recycled rubber tire and string. The men were so enthusiastic, that many more than anticipated, took part in the workshop. They were thrilled to be busy, discover a newfound skill, while feeing a sense of accomplishment. By the time the day was almost over, they had almost completed the first stool. Nearby, women sat helping cut bamboo, while others knit and wove, just wanting to be a part of this amazing community.

We got a donation of iron tablets in the late afternoon, which we distrbuted along with per-natal vitamins to all the pregnant women. Also, today was vitamin distribution day, as we gave to the elderly and for some of the sick children.

Lots of meetings happening throughout the day regarding the heritage and restoration of Kathmandu's historical buildings. Please keep reading to find out more regarding this ongoing Dwarika's Foundation project.