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Sunday, 21st June

So much happened today....first, we decided to take a few new members into the camp, so we are adding one more tent. We needed to rearrange a few tents in order to accommodate one more. Despite our efforts creating 'isolation tents', we have a few new cases of mumps and chicken pox. We are have had numerous discussions with the camp members about how diseases spread and what isolation means. We hope to have this under control within the next few days. Lastly, lots of cooking at the camp today....the members were busy making chapati, samosa and other tasty foods.

A team arrived from Japan with a donation for Camp Hope. They brought a natural treatment for diarrhea due to food poisoning, digestive disorders and water contamination. Since it is difficult to combat something as easy diarrhea in the west, here, it is one of the largest causes of death in infants. Immediately following their arrival was a doctor along with a few members of his team. It is our hope that his team of doctors and nurses will take over the medical care of our camp members.

Dwarika's hosted the first meeting in regard to the restoration and conservation of Kathmandu Valley's historical buildings. Together with ICIMOD, NSET, the municipalities from Bhaktapur, Patan and Kathmandu, Kathmandu Preservation Society, Nepal Heritage Society, Society of Nepal Architects, and other stakeholders concerned with the preservation of Nepal's living heritage. The basis for the meeting was discussing urban regeneration in the city core.