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Thursday, 18th June

We had a meeting with NCED, Nepal Center for Educational Development, to discuss starting a restoration heritage plan. They presented a concept for house-pooling in order for future sustainability to heritage homes. There are still many historical buildings that are private homes, so it is our hope to restore them with the latest technology, but keeping traditional styles, architecture and the facade. House-pooling will allow for urban development as we can widen roads, without disturbing these homes.

Further to this meeting, we have scheduled another discussion tomorrow, followed by a presentation to the following stakeholders involved with architectural heritage and restoration in Nepal: UNESCO, ICIMOD, Nepal Heritage Society, Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust, Societ of Nepalese Architecture, Department of Archaeology, National Planning Commission, as well as the municipalities of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan.

Later in the afternoon, we were surprised to find some of the men helping prepare this evening's dinner. As they told us 'our mothers are missing, so the sons have to do it'. The missing mothers were busy taking literacy classes, therefore in a country where the men seldom help prepare the meal, we are hopefully changing their mindset for future generations.

At the end of the day, we surprised the kids by going to their school. We had an incredibly walk home with them to the camp.
Pray for Camp Hope.