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Monday, 15th June

We are patiently waiting to hear about the status of the helicopter supply drop. In the meantime, lots of amazing things going on in the camp. The majority of the older women in the camp are illiterate. Today we started women's literacy classes and 45 women attended. You cannot imagine how excited there were to learn the basics, starting with the Nepali alphabet. We handed out pencil cases, workbooks, pencils and erasers to give them learning tools and inspire them. It's wonderful to see them all participate, followed by several of them practicing writing on their own after class.

Since our camp members are not used to lower elevations and the effects of the monsoon season; heat and an abundance of mosquito, we feel it's important to help prevent them from getting mosquito borne illnesses. Our tailors completed the last of the mosquito net doors for the tents and we distributed the remaining ones.

It is our dream to empower these women prior to their return to the villages. We want to give them the skills in order to create their own crafts resulting in a micro credit financing project in the years to come. Shanti Sewa Griha has been training the women to learn several varieties of crafting; bags, cushions, therapeutic balls and knitting dolls, sweaters, hats, socks and vests.