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Friday, 12th June

We had a debriefing on the mission back to the village. Unfortunately, the five villages suffered greatly during both of the earthquake. One of the villagers had been back after the first earthquake and told us that the land was damaged beyond recognition. One of the team members was a geologist and gave his unofficial assessment...most of the land is inhabitable. While they were in the region, Sindulpalchowk received another 4.3 earthquake and the group said rocks were constantly falling from high land, even the bridge they crossed in the morning became more unstable by late afternoon. Unfortunately, the Bhote Kosi river (the river in which the road runs along to this area) is flanked on both side by massive, several thousand meter high mountains.

The drive alone is scary and potentially life threatening with boulders and rocks falling every second. Sadly, kilometer after kilometer of what was once thriving towns and villages, is now all ghost towns.The children are thriving in their new school, a bamboo school painted in traditional Nepalese colors. Here are a few photos of the school which is only a five minute walk from the camp. It is so nice to see smiling and laughing children. We are doing what we intended, bringing hope back to a new generation.

Starting today, every Friday we will bring a few of the children to the hotel to spend the night. We will rotate the kids every week, so that everyone will have a chance to experience a night here. We specifically chose children who were extremely helpful around the camp; Binita, Simran, Nima, Pema and Rinchen got to spend the first night here. Wow...what a memorable experience for everyone! The children experienced their first hot showers (and a bath for one!), first elevator ride and choosing their own food at the barbecue. All of us at Dwarika's were humbled to spend an evening with these beautiful children.