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Sunday, 17th May to Thursday, 21st May

This week, we have been working very hard to ensure that the camp is comfortable, safe and hygienic, as well all of the medical needs of the camp members are taken care of. Working with generous partners, including the team from Portugal (which has now expanded to include more wonderful volunteers), we have made complete records for each adult and child at the camp. Camp Hope now has 330 residents and more to come with several pregnant women.

Lactating mothers have been given additional protein, vitamins and special food. We are working with a local partner to ensure that we provide nutritious food to everyone. Several motivated youth at the camp are working with us to coordinate camp logistics, and now everything is running smoothly. Following the trauma of the earthquake, it is important to focus on the children's mental wellbeing in the coming days. So, we have kept the kids entertained with games and activities to keep their minds occupied.

Camp Hope is a response to the urgent and immediate needs of its' residents. In the medium and long-term, it is important that the families are assisted to return to their villages and rebuild their lives. Several members of the community at the camp are taking leadership roles and we are assisting them to work with the government for allocation of new land and to build new homes. Unfortunately, due to threat of further landslides and sheer destruction of their farms, much of the land is not inhabitable. Therefore, we are waiting to have the land assessed, as well as access the government allowances due to the families.