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Wednesday, 8th July

As many of you know, we have been working tirelessly trying to get urgent supplies to the neighboring village of Tanga. Many of our camp members have extended family there and due to collapsed bridges and ongoing landslides, they have been cut off from basic necessities; blankets, rice, clean drinking water, dal, vitamins, medical kits, etc. Finally, after a few weeks we got the good news from WFP (World Food Programme) that we were scheduled for an early morning food delivery. WFP is graciously supplying the helicopter, while we are providing the supplies.

Sonam Sherpa, one of our team leaders and Jared Smith, a volunteer and an accomplished civil engineer, made the helicopter supply drop delivering to Tanga in the Sindhupalchowk District. Jared conducted a min-reconnaissance, bringing his knowledge and expertise to this region as we begin preparations for village relocation post monsoon.

In addition to our food supply drop, we evacuated three-year old Chewan Lunduv from the Tsum valley, which is located at 12,000 feet. Happy to report that his leg is healing well and will have a cast put on later today.

A big thanks to our fearless pilot and everyone who helped make the supply drop happen today.