Om Mane Padme Hum: It’s never quiet in this cheerful playground called the Hope Camp. As I entered the premises I was met by two lovely girls, Dabuti and Dolma. Such innocent and lively girls so blissfully happy. They hopped around taking me by the hand and introducing me to every curious person. Each resident has poignant stories to share about the earthquake- but  I’m keeping the stories  and tales for another day. 

As I walk around I peep into  the lives of characters from all walks of life- the oldest “Ma”in the camp is 92 and the youngest  is  five day old  ruddy  and healthy Kevin , there are handmade dolls stuffed in the tailor’s makeshift work shop, a sombre nook – the  prayer room that  looks like a “ Lashem “ the prayer rooms that we keep at home and an unmistakable, beaming and  emotional Sangita Einhaus- the soul behind the Camp Hope. 

Nakera  Sherpa ,Bati Sherpa, Pema Tamang, Lati Sherpa  and Tashi Sherpa  and Sumi  Tamang : “looking dapper – with their  new  power glasses after a thorough eye test  and treatment . 

Bati Sumi  and Tashi :  Posing  with  power glasses after the appointment with the optician. 

A bundle of joy! 

Foot loose! Children shake a leg in the camp