It was a very busy Saturday at Camp Hope. Ghazal, Pedro's girlfriend decided it was give extra attention to the women and the moms. Since a lot of our special efforts go towards the children, she bought nail polish and lipstick, which was very touching. This small gesture was greatly appreciated by these incredibly hardworking women. 

We planned movie night at the the ladies prepared popcorn and soybeans for the evening. Many people including the children used newspaper and rolled them into popcorn holders....just like we were at the cinema in the olden days!

The movie was started with a presentation by Joanne. She discussed the members of the camp and the before and after effects of the earthquake, their dreams of returning to their homes and the possibilities for the future. It was an emotional evening for everyone.

We ended the night on a light note....softening the mood for everyone, we both a documentary on culture and the environment and ended showing a big Bollywood film. As you can imagine, everyone was entertained including the older folks!