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A 1200 k.m.Walk : Taj Mahal to Camp Hope - 07/04/2017

If you think about doing something good for others, even god will be on your side. A humble person from Portugal who was aiding the camp hope families in making their lives better thought to do something further. He thought to walk a 1200 kilometers journey by foot so that he could accumulate some money for these kids’ better lives. This individual was none other than Pedro Queiros, a Portugese national and initiator of Obrigado Portugal.

Pedro started his journey on 10th Jan 2017 and concluded his journey on 3rd March 2017 from the doorstep of Taj Mahal Agra, India to Camp Hope, Kathmandu in 53 days. He shared his experience that his foot got swelled, been sick, couldn’t get proper shelter, was chased by animals, encountered with risky folks but never gave up the hope. It was camp hope children’s wishes, his friends & family’s blessings that he accomplished his mission and collected an amount of $17,131 for these children.

Pedro was greeted by camp hope children, Dwarika’s staffs, Sangita Shrestha Einhaus, Rene Vijay Einhaus, Shavona Shrestha and his friends and walked with him the last 6 kilometers from Maitighar, Kathmandu to Camp Hope. He was astonished by his wife Ghazal’s presence in Nepal for his welcome. Children’s put khada on him, a Buddhism praying was held in Camp Hope hostel for him. On the other day, Camp Hope children performed some singing, dancing program .Pedro was overwhelmed with all this gesture from these kids. But, we all know he has done something beyond imagination and he will be remembered for his good deeds always and forever. 

Thank you Pedro! or as he likes to call himself ; Pedro Sherpa.

                                 Welcome card written by Camp kids for Pedro.

                  Camp kids leaving from Camp Hope Hostel to receive Pedro.

 Sangita overwhelmed seeing Pedro at Maitighar,Kathmandu after his successful 1200 k.m. walk 

              Shavona putting colors on Pedro for his success.

  Pedro stunned seeing his wife Ghazal; she gave a surprise coming to Nepal for his welcome.

                      A group picture with Pedro at Maitighar,Kathmandu.

                               Pedro kissing Nepalese flag.

   Pedro walks his last few kilometers with his supporters and camp kids.

            Pedro thanking god for helping him achieve his successful journey.

               Ghazal performs ‘aarati’ on Pedro for his achievement.

                     Camp kids waiting to put ‘khada’ on Pedro.

              Little Chhiring happy to see Pedro after such long time. A warm hug!

                               A beautiful smile!

                 Ceremony being held at Camp Hope hostel for Pedro’s return.

                 Pedro with a little camp hope member Pradip by his side

            Bimal and guys performing in front of Pedro in his welcome ceremony.

                Camp girls performing traditional Nepalese dance for Pedro.


      Pedro enjoys his presence at Camp hope hostel after his long and successful walk