Dwarika’s foundation helped five people of the Sindupalchowk district in getting their cataract surgery on 15th January 2017.Cataract is clouding of the lens of the eye, which averts clear vision. There were about five patients with age between eleven years to eighty four years whose successful operation was performed.

The patient included older women, male and children. The surgery was done by the cataract surgery experts .Dwarika’s devoted staff D.V.Basnet ’Guruji’, was involved in arranging and managing this task from the start.

We hope this small effort from Dwarikas foundation will make these few people lives easier as they can now clearly view things.

                                                       Small kid getting an eye checkup.

                                       Patient happy faces as they can have clear view eye sight.

                                               A satisfaction looks from little child after surgery.