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Birthday,Wishes & Fun with Camp Hope Kids - 15/03/2017

Sean Einhaus Shrestha ‘JuJu’ celebrated his birthday with kids of camp hope in Dwarikas.He spent his special day with these kids and had some beautiful time.

The celebration was full of joy and all camp hope kids gave their best wishes to the birthday boy. Sean was very much happy that he got an opportunity to enjoy his best day with such lovely kids. Kids were delighted to have a day off and have delicious food along with an enjoyable program. Also some of these little campers showed their singing talent and dancing moves.

Sean said that it was his best birthday ever as he could celebrate his birthday with his camp family members.

                                                       Sean with little twins Ram and Laxman.

                                       Small Camp Hope member Choten giving her wishes to Sean.

                                              Sean.Lakpa,Pema,Tashi and Sneha in humor mood.

                                                        Ms.Monic giving her wishes to Sean.