It was Christmas night when camp hope children and Dwarika’s family made this beautiful evening a memorable one. Children singing the lovely Christmas carol made the evening even more amusing and musical. Camp hope children first sang their Christmas carol in Hotel Annapurna then on Hotel Hyaat. After finishing their program they returned back to Dwarikas and sang their concluding carol.

It was Ms.Monic exertion and supervision that these children were able to accomplish so exquisitely. The children also shared their carol singing experience in different places like the Hyatt and Annapurna in Dwarikas.

Similarly, they were given some staging tips from our very own Mrs. Ambika Shrestha. She, gave a beautiful message to them as ‘Always be together’. She imparted them how being united will benefit them to make their life even more beautiful. Also this Christmas Mr.Haiko presented the camp members some warm wears as a gift .We are very gratified of you Mr Haiko, you were a real santa here. Ms. Monic also presented some gift for this Christmas, to the girls in camp hope.

The night concluded with some wonderful advices, children’s speeches, delicious food and last but not the least a chilling Ice cream.

Camp Hope kids singing carol at Hotel Annapurna

Campers and the guest taking group picture after carol singing at Hotel Annapurna

Camp Hope kids singing their Christmas carol in Hyatt 

Ms. Monic giving some last tips on while  carol singing at Dwarikas

Bowls going to be empty soon ! The delicious Ice cream .

Mrs.Ambika Shrestha, President of Dwarikas giving some tips on stage presentation

Mr.Haiko providing some winter wears gifts to camp hope family

Sean interacting with the kids in Camp Hope

Sean and Monic presenting gifts to the children

Children waiting to get their christmas gifts from Ms.Monic

Sean and Monic enjoying presence of little camper

                                      It must be delicious! Kids waiting to get their Christmas cookies

Sean and kids enjoying their conversation