Our camp hope youngsters played a sociable match with professional football players in Thimi football ground. The event took place in presence of camp hope family, Sangita Shrestha Einhaus , volunteer Dr. Tiago., Dr. Juanna, Rene Vijay Einhaus ,Shavona Shrestha and coach OM.

It was coach OM Raut effort that this event took place and we are very thankful of him. Sean Navin Einhaus ‘Juju’ also took part in this friendly match being in side of camp hope players. The event started with players entering the arena with their kid mascot and standing for the national anthem of Nepal and FIFA theme song.

The game  looked very intense as every one of them were giving their best for the output. Even though the game was won by Professional players, we accept as true every single one of them won the hearts. It was match played in order to make camp members feel the real game scenario with professionals.We believe as in a football match every individual will contribute for each other, so that they can make their forthcoming exists improved and sheltered. 

Sean with little camper arriving at the ground

Players with their mascot and the national flags of Nepal and Portugal

March pass done before beginning the match

Sean’s eyes on the ball !A true player spirit

A look at the audience !

A good struggle for success

Sean handshake with football coach OM 

  Players, supporters, and the football coach Mr.Om Raut