Our camp hope kids enjoyed one full day at the fun park sited at Bhrikuti Mandap in Kathmandu. The kids were very much thrilled to stopover the place as they had not visited and relished the different playing stuffs installed at the fun park.

Along with the kids Mrs. Sangita Shrestha Einhaus and Ms. Francisca also adored the moment. Kids were seen relishing children ride (train), Carousel, children Columbus and bumping cars. The fun was startling as we could see a stunning smile on each of their innocent faces. After the ride kids were served with the packed foods made at camp hope. Also, they enjoyed the delicious ice cream.

Camp hope children at the fun park

Kids thrilled with the Children Columbus ride

Little Camper, Ram Sherpa with his twin brother Laxman and their friends 

It's more fun than in real horse! Pemba and his friends

Its food time! Camp hope family enjoying their lunch with Sangita

Francisca with the Ice cream lover little camper