Games help people to take the lead and also learn. They persuade players to triumph and also consent their failures and setbacks. Children should always partake in playing games as it aids them to set their objective, bestow attention, time, exertion and try to accomplish the end goals.

Likely, a game day was organized in Camp Hope where children and volunteers played. Camp hope children were seen playing with kites, hula-hoop, table tennis, seven stones and some local Nepalese games. These games abetted them in learning the power of being together.

Francisca from Obrigado Portugal was also seen playing with these little kids. We could see each of them joining with each other in order to win and succeed in their aim. We hope that these games build optimisms on them to get the desired goals being together.  

 Kids working together and enjoying their games 


Camp Hope kids with their own idea of building!

Camp Hope kids with their version of Eifel Tower !

Pema and his friends playing Seven Stones.

I can skip high! Kid enjoys her skipping.

Look, I can jump high! Kids playing in Camp Hope 

 Francisca participating and enjoying with kids in game day.

Bivash trying to skate!

                                                           LittleKid tries to move his fan!

                   I can Hula-hoop better than others! 

Francisca relishing her swing


 Pasang swinging high!