Before the new session for 2073 starts, all the children of the camp were united with their last year books to choose useful ones for this year. Sangita along with volunteers from the Obrigado Portugal (Francisca and Angela) and Guru spend their day in selecting usable books and afterwards distributed approximately 1000 new books for 72 school going students. The fund for the book was donated by Luis and Aurora from Smile for the World. The Dwarika’s Foundation as well as our camp children are very thankful to Luis and Aurora for their kind support.

Senior kids trying to sort out all the old books to use for the new session, Angela from Obrigado Portugal guiding children in selecting useful books

All the 72 children getting new books before the new session starts!

Sangita helping kids while distributing the new text books before the new session starts

On the first day of new session at the Samata School where all our Camp kids go, Kids doing Pity while assembly!