Blanket Distribution from IOM: As the winter arrived in the camp, IOM arrives with the bags of blankets to keep the residents of the camp whole-hearted and cozy. The representative of the IOM Mr. Suman distributed the blankets to every individual person in the camp. The Dwarika’s foundation is extremely beholden to the IOM for the blankets handed out to our campers to be warm and blissful.

Warm blanket arrived from the IOM to keep Hope Camp warm and cozy

Geeta Karki (Camper) receiving blanket from the representative of IOM 


Donation sent from Sikkim: The Dwarika’s Foundation is overwhelmingly thankful to the Yuksom Breweries and the Yuksom family of Sikkim who sent the blankets to our Hope Camp residents. We also would like to heartily thank Mr. Sudhir  S. Rai for bringing the warm gift of love  from all the way of Sikkim to Kathmandu for our campers.

Blanket Distribution by Mr. Sudhir S.  Rai