Laughter the Best Medicine: In a string of surprise and delights that dotted the calendar this festive season, Clowns without Borders was an ingenuous addition to the fun. Miguel, Edu, Pablo the globe trotting clowns from Clowns without Borders,Spain visited the Camp Hope to  spread the joy of laughter. Everyone had a great rollicking time, every creased frown smoothing into big cheerful smiles and bursting into happy laughter. Some giggling highlights of the scenes can be seen in the snapshots that we captured. Kudos- to these smiling volunteers who globe trot around the world and spread merriment. Camp Hope laughed and loved them!


Look who is clowning around:  The Clowns without Borders 

In rapt attention: Watching the clown act 

Clowns without Borders spreading  the  gift of laughter  

The heroes get an audience with camp pup Tusa and friends