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New home for children- Camp Hope Hostel-23/02/2017

On the auspicious occasion of Shivaratri day, our camp hope children moved into their new hostel. On the early morning children with an enthusiasm of shifting their home packed their stuffs. Then, with joint efforts from grown-up camp members, Dwarika’s staff, Shavona Shrestha and Sangita Shrestha Einhaus the shifting happened efficiently. Camp hope hostel has office room, children's room, recreation room, dining room, kitchen room, study room, computer room and also room for the guardians.Total sixty five children will be staying in this new and small camp hope with two mamas and two papas as their hostel guardian.Children call their hostel guardians mama and papa.

 As all the supplies were moved the whole hostel was purified by priest with Hindu and Buddhist rites. Children worshipped before entering their rooms. In this camp hope hostel children should be in the discipline and also feel permitted to express their views and notions. Children will help each other in making their lives better. The kids will also have morning prayers and a yoga session with an expert. They will have tuition classes, computer sessions with Wi-Fi zones where they can get knowledge from the internet .They have a recreational room where they can watch their favorite movies and cartoons, play with toys and play other indoor games. 

These kids who have lost their homes will now start a new journey in this camp hope hostel .They do not have access to school in their village because of earthquake destruction. So, they will stay in this little camp hope till they have access to good school in their village. They will be trained to work together, help each other, love each other and get united with each other to accomplish their goals.

                                 Camp kids helping to carry the mattress.

                Kids working together. The mattress was provided by HP group

                   Camp adult members helping each other in shifting the stuffs.

                         Rooms after placing the mattresses and trunks.

       New quilts, pillows and bed cover for camp hope children provided by HP group

                    Sangita Shrestha Einhaus worshipping at camp hope hostel.

 Sangita Shrestha Einhaus putting tika and flowers at the entrance door of Camp Hope Hostel.

                      Children entering into their new Camp Hope Hostel.

                   Simran putting bed sheet on her new Camp Hope Hostel room.

                                             Tashi decorating her room.

                    Boys is about to have their first night sleep in Camp Hope Hostel

                    Girls relishing their presence in their new Camp Hope Hostel room.