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Wedding reception in Camp Hope - 11/09/2016

Our friends Pedro and Ghazal got married! They celebrated their emotional union in a Buddhist and Hindu ceremony, promoting peace, love, and harmony among people with different backgrounds, casts, religions and culture. 

Pedro sported Sherpa clothing, while Ghazal wore a traditional Hindu dress. The wedding was marked by an abundance of flowers, colors, dances, joy, laughter, food and rain – marking the monsoon period here in Nepal. Next year, they will have a wedding reception in their home countries of Portugal and Iran; but it was very important for them to have a marriage ceremony in Nepal, to allow their Nepali friends to share with them this happy milestone in their lives. 

Congratulations on your new life together Pedro and Ghazal! Dwarika’s Foundation wishes you love and happiness in your marriage. 

Sangita congratulating the happy couple

Pedro in his Sherpa clothing and Ghazal looking beautiful on her Hindu dress

Over 335 guests attended the wedding