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Well Spent Friday afternoon in the Lonh Hiti of the Dwarika’s Hotel - 13/03/2016

Another day for the Friday activity starts in the Lonh Hiti of the Dwarika’s Hotel for the children of the Camp Hope. Sean Navin Einhaus suggested an inspiring movie: He Named Me Malala to the children which was very inspirational. The movie is about a girl named Malala Yousafzai who has spoken out for the rights and education of the girls in the Pakistan. Malala was terrorized to death for fighting against the orthodox of not educating girls in the Pakistan however she hold on to her mission for the girl’s education.

After watching one and half hour long movie, Sangita discussed the understanding of the movie with the children so the children came up with different views that could help society in developing new dimension regarding social issues. The children expressed their thoughts on the social issues like alcoholism in parents which could affect the life of their children and society. The children also discussed the issue of discrimination on caste system and how people are discriminated on being lower class. Similarly, they discussed the issue on discriminated handicapped people and how they are treated in different phase of their life for being physically disabled. 

After hour’s long discussion, all the children developed the strong thought of fighting against the issues like alcoholism, discrimination on the basis of caste system or physical disabilities. Eventually the children has taken all these issues very seriously and they came up with the provoked thought to strive against society for the right of the people to live without any discrimination, torture and isolation. All these children were deeply inspired by the step Malala took in order to stand up for the girls education therefore they also wants to make the first move to the society  to eradicate the social issues which could inspire another person to step up for their rights.

Kids Queuing up for the snacks before the movie starts!

Sangita taking feedback from the children of the Camp Hope after finishing the movie

Yummy lunch time for the kids after watching the movie “He named me Malala”