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Wednesday, 10th June

At 3:30am, a team of nine villagers and four volunteers left for Sindhupalchowk to evalute their villages, building and land. Many people at the camp are concerned with their property and how it will fare unattended in the monsoon.  Today's mission maybe the last time they can safely go back to the villages before the heavy rain sets in. Equipped with helmets, whistles, food and other necessities, the team is planning on returning to Kathmandu tonight.

In the evening, we received a large donation of clothing, glucose, biscuits and chow chow, dried noodles. We are blessed with the outpouring of support from our friends, neighbors and concerned Nepalese.

Dawa Sherpa, one of our key members of the camp, also an active member of the Sindhupalchowk Community, distributed stationary products to the school children. We are lucky to have Dawa of part of our team, he has been instrumental in setting up of the camp.