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Houses’ Update: 28/02/2018

The core house has a gross construction area of 36m2. If you count the covered balcony (17m2) and the washing facilities (5m2) areas, the house reaches a total gross area of 58m2.

This core house is the same for every family involved, no matter their social or economic status. Alongside the architect and the engineers, each family will later personalize their own house, providing the construction with individual identity. Each family collected and stored the debris from their old demolished house, so that these elements could be re-used and integrated in the new structures. The purpose is to extend the heritage of the village, and rather than building ‘fabricated looking houses’, create ‘homes’.

According to the plot site and house placement, elements such as doors and windows and house direction might change, to reach the best compromise between the core house and site specifications. Apart from the foundation (which will be made of concrete), the main structure will consist of steel square pipes, in order to obtain a balanced expense and be earthquake proof. For the structure to be earthquake resistant, a light structure is recommended.

The base of each structural wall will be built with cement blocks, and the upper walls part will be covered with cement boards. The roof structure will be made of steel square pipes, covered with corrugated iron sheets (CGI sheets). The window frames will be aluminium and single glazed, and the doors will be wooden. 

The inside partition will have the main structure built, but may change according to each family’s needs. The washing facilities compartment will be made of stone, and the sewer and water supply system will be integrated.

Every villager will be involved in the construction of every house. The construction will go phase-by-phase, having the first phase for the total houses completed before passing to the next one. This way, we insure that everyone gets involved in the construction of every house.


1 – The values for the areas presented on the first paragraph are approximate. 

2 – Costing in USD is susceptible to change. Current values with rate 1 USD = 103.5 NPR. The values presented for the cost are approximate