The earthquake took place at 12pm on Saturday afternoon. Dwarika's had many guests staying with us and everyone pitched in to make sure all guests were safe and sound. Unforunately, the airport shut down trying to manage incoming aid and supplies via helicopters and military planes. As such, the hotel became a safe haven not only for our guests, but for our staff as well. First and foremost, our priority was the safety of our guests. Although the electricity was not working, and guests chose not to stay in their rooms, we turned the courtyard into a sleeping area for everyone. Guests felt comfortable knowing they had a comfortable place to sleep, eat, and we set up generator operated charging stations so everyone could charge their phones and contact their loved ones back home.


Each embassy was working to get their nationals out of the country. In the meantime, we took care of guests from countries including Portugal, Spain, France, Venezuela, Italy, Germany, USA and Australia. Our team was busy with taking care of the guests, assisting them with travel arrangements, and coordinating with embassies and consulates. In the end, we managed to get everyone out within one week.