The amount of support we are getting from our local community is overwhelming. The Nepalese are reaching out and supporting their communities by offering meals, or buying supplies for different villages. We received a donation from Mr. Jabir Kasubhai and Mrs. Sofi Kasubhai which went towards the food that was provided to 300 families in Tinghare village, Kavre District: rice 900kg, daal (lentils) 60kg, soap 144 pieces, salt 50kg, cooking oil 60 litres and candy 500 pieces.

We were also able to provide food for the settlements of both Chilaune and Mul Kharka, Kathmandu: beaten rice 275kg and noodles 4500 packets. The beaten rice is easy to handout because it does not need to be cooked, as many households are still without stoves.

The last distribution today was food, sleeping mats and soap  to 75 families in Patalekhet, Phulbari and Dapchha, Kavre District: rice 750kg, daal (lentils) 90kg, salt 75kg, biscuits 450 packets, bananas 435 pieces, sleeping mats 75 pieces and soap 100 pieces.