Our days start with packing of numerous basic food items for distribution. Everyone works together in the carpark of the hotel dividing all the food and necessities so all the families get equal distribution. Today we helped the following:

75 families in Darimbot and Chhoti Dada, Kavre (Ward 5), Kavre District: rice 2250kg, daal 75kg, salt 75kg, oil 75 litres, soap 75 pieces

130 families in Ichangu, Ratomato and Jungekhola villages, Nagarjun (Ward 2), Kathmandu, along with BPW, Mr. Pedro Queiros and Mr. Lourenco Frguiredo: rice 1300kg, daal 130kg, salt 130kg, biscuits 650 packets, soap 130 pieces, oral rehydration 130 sachets, sanitary napkins 130 pieces

45 families in Thaple Danda and Virkot, Bhim Dhunga (Ward 10), Kathmandu, along with BPW: rice 450kg, dal 45kg, salt 45kg, biscuits 225 packets, soap 45 pieces, oral rehydration 45 sachets, sanitary napkins 45 pieces

105 families at Ghempe Danda and Bista Gaun, Chapagaun (Ward 8), Lalitpur, alongside BPW: rice 1050kg, daal 105kg, salt 105kg, biscuits, 525 packets, soap 105 pieces, oral rehydration 105 sachets, sanitary napkins 105 pieces.