Today was a busy team was packing up necessities and delivering much needed household items to the communities of Gaukharka (Wards 1-9), Nuwakot District: rice 8200kg, daal (lentils) 820kg, salt 820kg, biscuits 6560 packets, soap 820 pieces, oral rehydration 820 sachets, sanitary napkins 820 pieces.

Another team visited a shelter for the elderly at Pashupatinath, close to the hotel. Sadly, many of these older people are not looked after by their own families, which is how they end up here. It is a small community of senior citizens who look after each other and rely on the help of others. Here, food items including glucose powder and bananas were distributed.

During the earthquake, a few villagers broke their legs, sprained ankles, got serious cuts and bruises. We are so fortunate that a group of trained medical personnel arrived to check on them.