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Mr. Felix representing the Rotary Club Borken visit to Sindhupalchowk with Mrs. Sangita and Francisca to discuss with villagers about building school in the village

On 13th April 2016, Mrs. Sangita visited to Duguna Gadi village in Tatopani VDC, Sindhupalchowk with Mr. Felix and Ms. Francisca for the discussion on building of school for the children in the villages, checking the site for constructing the school with the Duguna Gadi Village Development Committee and the school committee.

The villagers gave very warm welcome to Mr. Felix on his visit and he assured the villagers that he with the Rotary Club Borken, Lions Club Borken and Soroptimist International  Borken Germany   will help to build school in the village so that all the children can go to school for their good education.

The number of children has doubled after the earthquake in Duguna Village because the schools of other villages were destroyed; they have managed to teach students in temporary shelter which need to be replaced soon by permanent school with all the necessities of the students as the existing school is only up to grade 5.

The Dwarika’s Foundation as well as all the villagers are very thankful to Mr. Felix for thinking about our children and their education.

Mr. Felix. Getting warm welcome from the children

Mrs. Sangita, Mr. Felix and Ms. Francisca talking about the building of the school in the village to the school village committee and the villagers

Mrs. Sangita carried SECOND BABY (Kevin) born at the Camp Hope in her blissful hands, now Kevin’s family has moved to Sindhupalchowk from the CAMP HOPE

What could be more beautiful than this picture: Lovely villager boy sleeping on Francisca’s (Volunteer from Obrigado Portugal) lap


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The Camp Hope children’s career orientation visit in different organization for career counseling during their school holidays before the next session starts

During the 2 weeks school holidays, our Camp Hope children visited different organization and respected people in order to understand where they want to lead their career in future. All the students above grade 5 visited to different chosen sectors to understand their career development in those sectors.

Some of them visited ICIMOD (International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development), Khumaltar Lalitpur and met Dr. David James Molden( Director General) of the ICIMOD Nepal.

The children also visited IDEA Nepal to get career counseling which was led by the Head of the mission, Ms. Sheri Meyerhoffer.  Similarly, they went to United World Trade Centre, Tripureshwor to see the training phase of the contestants of Miss Nepal 2016 where they performed Catwalk afterwards.

This is the beginning of career orientation process to all these children because they will be getting more opportunities to visit other sectors like banks, airlines and many more. 

Furba Sherpa (Resident of the Camp Hope), intern at the ICIMOD giving brief description of the ICIMOD to the children of the Camp Hope

Director General of ICIMOD Nepal, Dr. David James Molden talking to the children

Curious Children watching attentively while Dr. Molden was explaining about the mountains

Camp Hope children with Dr. Molden and Ms. Furba Sherpa in a group picture


Ms. Furba Sherpa from Sindhupalchowk is a victim of the earthquake 2015 and is one of the resident in the Camp Hope. She has been working as an intern in the ICIMOD Nepal where the children of Camp went to understand career opportunities in the non-governmental organization like ICIMOD.

Dr. Molden gave the concept of the mountain development and the ideas of how ICIMOD has been actively participating in different mountain development projects, improving the livelihood of the people living in mountain areas. This kind of field visit for our Camp Hope Children could be very helpful in understanding different issues related to the environment and sustainability and understand their sectors of career. The Dwarika’s Foundation is very grateful to Dr. Molden for giving the Camp Hope children this opportunity to Visit ICIMOD and talk to him in person.




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Chinese Dinner Birthday Celebrations at the Camp Hope on the occasion of birthdays of Mrs. Sangita and Mr. Rene Vijay

On the birthday of Sangita and Rene Vijay, Chinese dinner program was organized for the Camp Hope residents at the Camp Hope. All the children as well as residents at the Camp were very happy to be part of the birthday dinner prepared by the chefs of the Dwarika’s with variety of Chinese cuisine. 

Sangita helping kids to have their plate served

Kids queued up for yummy Chinese dinner! 

Pema’s happy face with a plate of Chinese dinner