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Books distribution before the new session starts

Before the new session for 2073 starts, all the children of the camp were united with their last year books to choose useful ones for this year. Sangita along with volunteers from the Obrigado Portugal (Francisca and Angela) and Guru spend their day in selecting usable books and afterwards distributed approximately 1000 new books for 72 school going students. The fund for the book was donated by Luis and Aurora from Smile for the World. The Dwarika’s Foundation as well as our camp children are very thankful to Luis and Aurora for their kind support.

Senior kids trying to sort out all the old books to use for the new session, Angela from Obrigado Portugal guiding children in selecting useful books

All the 72 children getting new books before the new session starts!

Sangita helping kids while distributing the new text books before the new session starts

On the first day of new session at the Samata School where all our Camp kids go, Kids doing Pity while assembly!

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Fruit day organised by Shanti Sewa Griha at the Camp Hope

Mr. Heiko Grosspietsch from Shanti Sewa Griha helping little children in grabbing fruits

Seasonal Fruit ready to serve!

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Titanic books gifted by Mr. Jeff Greenwald

The Dwarika’s Foundation is tremendously grateful to Mr. Jeff Greenwald for his time and again love and care for our Camp Hope children.  Mr. Greenwald visited Camp on 15th April to add some more knowledge to the library of the camp. He donated few Titanic books to the Camp’s library in order to help our children in erasing their curiosity about Titanic ship. This could be very educational booster to the children of the camp to understand the external knowledge apart from regular text books.

Mr. Jeff Greenwald giving the brief story of the Titanic Ship to the children

Kids curious to see the Titanic book!

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Ice-Cream day at the Camp Hope sponsored by the staffs of the Dwarika’s Hotel

On the sunny Saturday afternoon of 14th April, Sangita along with the Dwarika’s Hotel staffs made to the Camp Hope for an Ice-cream party. The ice-cream party was sponsored by the Dwarika’s Hotel staff as a present to Sangita on her 60th birthday.

All the children as well as other residents were very happy to get chilled out for a while with the unlimited scoop of ice-cream served by Sangita and the staffs of the Dwarika’s Hotel.  

Sangita along with the Dwarika’s Hotel team busy in scooping ICECREAM for the campers 

Kids queued up!

 The Dwarika’s Hotel staffs serving ice-cream to the Camp Hope kids

Happy faces of Ram and his friend 

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Sangita’s 60th Birthday celebration with the Camp Hope family at the Dwarika’s Hotel

On the occasion of 60th birthday of Sangita, all the children of the Camp Hope were invited for the celebration at the Dwarika’s Hotel which commenced really cheerful and auspicious.  The children came dressed up to wish Sangita for her healthy, happy and prosperous life with the wrapped gifts and khada. The kids were shown the movie “Kung Fu Panda” on the same day which was full of fun and refreshing for them. Sangita was very happy to read hand written birthday wishes and handmade cards which was totally touching and overwhelming.

Little girl wishing birthday to Sangita by putting khadaSangita unwrapping the gift presented by the Camp Hope children

Sangita unwrapping the gift presented by the Camp Hope children 

Make a wish time with the little ones!

Laughing, loving and posing (Ram, Sangita and Laxman)

The Camp Hope kids watching Kung Fu Panda after birthday lunch

Camp Hope family picture with Sangita, Rene Vijay and the team Obrigado Portugal

( Partner of the Dwarika’s Foundation for the project “Our Dream Village”)




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Sudden Storm hit the Kathmandu and Camp Hope

Thousands living in open spaces around the valley and its outskirts were affected by the sudden storm on 28th March. The high wind blew away many of the tents from the camp formed after the earthquake and in the same time, the Camp Hope which is made of tents and bamboo was  affected to some extent with resulting the damages of one study room tent and 2 residents tent. After the storm passed,  residents   made sure that everybody at  the Camp Hope is safe. The residents at the Camp Hope  strengthen the ropes of each tent, of each of their ” houses” once the storm was stopped. This storm reminded all of us the importance of the project “Our Dream Village “  to rebuild their villages, their homes where they will be safe and sound .

 Camper running inside the Camp Hope while there was massive storm

Brief dust storm affected the Camp Hope on 28th March