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Computer Classes for the Camp Hope children

The Dwarika’s Foundation is undoubtedly very grateful to Mr. Barry Evans for his enduring support for our Camp Hope project. Furthermore to two laptops, we have purchased 6 Desktop computers, inverters and solar batteries to run the computer class for our children every day who never has been introduced to computers in their earlier student life. In today’s globalized world, we hardly think about our life without the use of computers so on that note the Dwarika’s foundation is infinitely beholden to Mr. Barry Evans for his kindest heart to provide the donation for the computers and other essentials to make our children computer literate and hopefully IT professionals in the coming future.

The IT professionals of Dwarika’s Hotel  Mr. Saurav Shrestha and Mr. Sangay Lama   are  running computer class every day for the children to learn it speedily as there are collage going students too in the camp who need to learn computer knowledge in order to do their day to day assignments in collage.

 Students of Camp Hope keen in using computers while in Computer class

Solar batteries and inverters to run the computer class during load shedding

  IT staff of the Dwarika’s Hotel Mr. Saurav Shrestha with our little Camper Pema along with other students during computer class

Children grouped in learning while in computer class

Computers while not in use

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Mrs. Marianne Grosspietsch of the Shanti Sewa Griha at the Camp Hope

Marianne Grosspietsch from the Shanti Sewa Griha is such an inspirational persona for our Camp Hope members as she has been so generous in sharing different income generating skills time and again. This time our campers are learning how to make envelope, folders and bags from the old newspapers which  could be very innovative earning skill in one hand and truly sustainable practice of reusing paper in another hand. Our campers have already produced few numbers of handmade envelopes to start with and this will be their first income generating produce in the Camp Hope.

Marianne educating the Campers on how to make envelope out of old newspapers

Our Camp Hope residents busy in making envelopes out of old newspapers


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Well Spent Friday afternoon in the Lonh Hiti of the Dwarika’s Hotel

Another day for the Friday activity starts in the Lonh Hiti of the Dwarika’s Hotel for the children of the Camp Hope. Sean Navin Einhaus suggested an inspiring movie: He Named Me Malala to the children which was very inspirational. The movie is about a girl named Malala Yousafzai who has spoken out for the rights and education of the girls in the Pakistan. Malala was terrorized to death for fighting against the orthodox of not educating girls in the Pakistan however she hold on to her mission for the girl’s education.

After watching one and half hour long movie, Sangita discussed the understanding of the movie with the children so the children came up with different views that could help society in developing new dimension regarding social issues. The children expressed their thoughts on the social issues like alcoholism in parents which could affect the life of their children and society. The children also discussed the issue of discrimination on caste system and how people are discriminated on being lower class. Similarly, they discussed the issue on discriminated handicapped people and how they are treated in different phase of their life for being physically disabled. 

After hour’s long discussion, all the children developed the strong thought of fighting against the issues like alcoholism, discrimination on the basis of caste system or physical disabilities. Eventually the children has taken all these issues very seriously and they came up with the provoked thought to strive against society for the right of the people to live without any discrimination, torture and isolation. All these children were deeply inspired by the step Malala took in order to stand up for the girls education therefore they also wants to make the first move to the society  to eradicate the social issues which could inspire another person to step up for their rights.

Kids Queuing up for the snacks before the movie starts!

Sangita taking feedback from the children of the Camp Hope after finishing the movie

Yummy lunch time for the kids after watching the movie “He named me Malala”


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Skillful Hands of the Camp Hope ladies

As the days passes by, our Camp Hope ladies learned some skillful works like knitting woolen clothings, weaving carpet, Sewing clothes, thread spinning and many others. The skillful hands of our campers were busy in knitting colorful woolen clothing in the late winter in March which could somehow make them occupied and help to earn some money. It’s great pleasure to see all these ladies putting their effort to develop the skill and deliver the possible outcome which will apparently make them independent in the society. 


Skillful ladies in Camp Hope busy in knitting woolen clothing 

 Efficient and artful hands weaving carpet

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Camp Hope Kids Performance during Wedding Party

Keeping up the traditional dance as the first choice, Camp Hope kids gave their dance performance as the token of appreciation at one of the donor Mrs. Bina Pradhan’s Son’s wedding. Simran and the group were delighted to add Nepalese style of entertainment in the party and similarly other teen campers also performed fantastically. These little campers added Nepalese ambiance to the party and inspired everyone to come up to the floor to make some moves. 

Simran , Nimalamu and their friends costumed in Traditional Nepalese dress for the Nepalese dance 


Performance by Doma, Kalpana along with the group of Camp Hope girls


Camp Hope kids rousing everyone to make some moves in the Wedding Party