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Bud of Happiness blooms in the Camp Hope

After 3 little baby boys joined the Camp Hope family, a beautiful baby girl was born in the camp like the beginning of everything that comes in this world blossoming with new hopes, dreams and promises. The Camp hope welcomes the baby angel as a new member who deserves equal essentials like other babies in the world. 

Adoring the moment with newly born baby girl inside the Camp Hope

A new camper with her mom ( Kalpana), dad( Dorje Sherpa ) and her brother

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Celebrating Losar in the Camp Hope

Losar the festive day: Traditions and festivals are the assets of Nepalese lifestyle. The festive day Losar bought cheerful smile and excitement on the face of our campers which is celebrated on the occasion of their New Year and also known as Sonam Losar. Elderly ladies in the camp got eventful in preparing Sherpa food for everyone and all the children dressed up traditionally. 

Sangita and Rene Vijay in the mood of Losar celebration with the flour powdered in their face with the cheerful children of the Camp Hope

Children of the Camp Hope in their Traditional Sherpa dress on the occasion of festive day Losar

Beautiful Sherpa girls dancing in their traditional Sherpa dress( Bakhu) in the camp

Elderly ladies cooking Sherpa snack (Khapse) for the Losar

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Photography class for the children

Photography Demo in the Camp Hope: The Dwarika’s Foundation is very thankful to Mr. Jeff Greenwald for his time and again concern about our Camp Hope Children. Mr. Greenwald is a bestselling author, photographer and monologist who want to make our children camera literate. More than that, he and Looking Glass Photography in Berkeley, California provided Camp Hope with 6 cameras to discover the best young photographers in our camp.

Furthermore, we are very grateful to one of the leading photographer of Nepal Mr. Min Bajracharya for coming in our Camp to fill the curiosity in young minds about the camera and photography. Mr. Bajracharya gave the demo explaining the different features of the camera which made all the children stay composed and fascinating. 

Leading photographer Mr. Min Bajracharya delivering how to take the picture to the Camp Hope children

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Noteworthy Children of Camp Hope

The Dwarika’s Foundation is tremendously indebted to Mr. Barry for his generosity for thinking about our children residing in the Camp Hope. Thank you very much for providing our foundation with the donation for the computers and inverter to help our children to become computer literate. Without the support and kind-heartedness of yours and other partners, we will be unable to continue the journey of Camp Hope and other projects associated.

Our little camper Pema devoted in drawing a gift to send to Mr. Barry

The usual Saturday lunch at Dwarika’s Hotel, Kathmandu: The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra so the 10 extraordinary children who got best results in their studies in the Camp Hope were invited in the Dwarika’s Hotel, Kathmandu to stay on Friday night. Different types of knowledgeable activities and events are organized on Friday afternoon for the children of Hope Camp and 6 talented children (3 boys and 3 girls) are selected for the hotel stay for Friday night. These children get to spend their time with the managing director Sangita Shrestha Einhaus and interact with her about the events they participate and perform. 

Top ten children of Camp Hope ready to have Saturday lunch with the president Mrs. Ambica Shrestha and Managing Director Mrs. Sangita Shrestha Einhaus of the Dwarika’s Hotel, Kathmandu 


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Blanket Distribution in Camp Hope

Blanket Distribution from IOM: As the winter arrived in the camp, IOM arrives with the bags of blankets to keep the residents of the camp whole-hearted and cozy. The representative of the IOM Mr. Suman distributed the blankets to every individual person in the camp. The Dwarika’s foundation is extremely beholden to the IOM for the blankets handed out to our campers to be warm and blissful.

Warm blanket arrived from the IOM to keep Hope Camp warm and cozy

Geeta Karki (Camper) receiving blanket from the representative of IOM 


Donation sent from Sikkim: The Dwarika’s Foundation is overwhelmingly thankful to the Yuksom Breweries and the Yuksom family of Sikkim who sent the blankets to our Hope Camp residents. We also would like to heartily thank Mr. Sudhir  S. Rai for bringing the warm gift of love  from all the way of Sikkim to Kathmandu for our campers.

Blanket Distribution by Mr. Sudhir S.  Rai


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Solar Panels donated by Mr. Heiko Grosspietsch

Solar Panels presented by Mr. Heiko: Mr . Heiko Grosspietsch , very  thoughtful person who  helped the residents of Camp Hope by  donating 3 solar panels along with the water tank. The Dwarika’s Foundation is very thankful to Mr. Heiko for his kindness   and concern about the people of the camp. As winter months are very cold, it will be very difficult for the elderly people and kids to take shower in cold water so fitting of solar panel is very good and warm news to all the campers.

Solar panels installed with the water tank

Solar panel Installed in the premises of Camp Hope to make life easier to campers