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Maghe Sankranti

Happy Maghe Sankranti:  Heritage and culture play an important role and is embedded in the fabric of the Nepali way of life. Celebration of Maghe Sankranti, a special festivity of food and bidding farewell to the winter blues came calling to the  camp. The annual festival saw everyone enjoying the ritual eating of yams (tarul) and sesame sweets. This festival celebrated on the first of Magh marks the beginning of a string of auspicious and religious rituals in the Nepalese calendar and for Camp Hope we sincerely hope it heralds a great start ahead to a speedy resettlement and quick recovery. 

Sugary Sesame sweets, yam(tarul) and sweet potatoes: The essential items in the Maghe Sankranti menu 

Sing along time: The duo sings a favorite Nepali song 

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Movie Time

A first time experience:  Watching Star Wars in 3D in Civil Mall was an “Epic Moment,” and a great source of excitement for the children. A first time treat for the children of the Camp Hope who had never watched movies in a huge screen this was thrilling and so was drinking coke and popping popcorns. The  duo -Sean Navin and  Rene Vijay, headed the young bubbly and excited team , every moment  spent was worth every bit  and epical! Kudos to the young dynamic inspiring brothers who take time out from their busy and hectic schedules   and spend time with the children of Camp Hope –spreading much happiness in the lives of these young souls! 

Queuing up: The countdown for Star Wars begins

Relishing some cool times: Sangita and Rene Vijay with the excited bunch  

A treasured pose; Team Star Wars!

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Futsal fever

Futsal fever:  Sports a  necessity and a routine exercise in the Camp Hope encouraging discipline, confidence and team work. This time it was an enthusiastic team of young campers who sweated out in a  quick paced ,exciting  round of Futsal. Futsal fever has stormed its way into the hearts of the young campers and Camp Hope has  quite a few Futsal champions in the making.

                                    Practice makes perfect: Getting the Futsal moves right!

                             Sean Navin and Anu the futsallers!


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The Garden of Dreams and The Kaiser Café

Senior college students spend time in The Garden of Dreams and The Kaiser Café: After the completion of their final examinations  six  college  girls and one college boy from the Camp Hope went for a unique outing to the classical historical Garden of Dreams in Thamel and the beautiful Kaiser Café. Gracious and courteous hosts, Sean Navin and Rene Vijay rolled out the red carpet welcome. After a grueling period of exams this was a welcome break for the young college students.

A great way to connect : At The Kaiser Café 

Smiles light up the  faces of  the delighted  group: Chirki and friends with Sean Navin

                         Posing in the  enchanted garden 

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Clowns without Borders

Laughter the Best Medicine: In a string of surprise and delights that dotted the calendar this festive season, Clowns without Borders was an ingenuous addition to the fun. Miguel, Edu, Pablo the globe trotting clowns from Clowns without Borders,Spain visited the Camp Hope to  spread the joy of laughter. Everyone had a great rollicking time, every creased frown smoothing into big cheerful smiles and bursting into happy laughter. Some giggling highlights of the scenes can be seen in the snapshots that we captured. Kudos- to these smiling volunteers who globe trot around the world and spread merriment. Camp Hope laughed and loved them!


Look who is clowning around:  The Clowns without Borders 

In rapt attention: Watching the clown act 

Clowns without Borders spreading  the  gift of laughter  

The heroes get an audience with camp pup Tusa and friends 

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A Season of Blessings:

Ho! ho! Ho! It’s Christmas: Camp Hope took on a global hue with the celebration of Christmas. For some campers celebrating Christmas was a brand new festival and decorating the ever green Christmas  tree  was even more thrilling and exciting. They celebrated Christmas with great enthusiasm, cheer and wonder, super excited to decorate their first evergreen Christmas tree with garlands and trimmings. 

A fun filled day of opening gift hampers  with  cool watches, toys and cross word puzzles. A huge thank you and hats off to Janna Bryann - for spreading the  bonds of  friendship and  the jolly Christmas spirit !

Children  concentrate on  colouring  the Christmas tree  trimmings 

A truly special  Christmas tree

Janna Bryann  distributing the Christmas  gifts for  one and all .  

Young campers  greet  Janna and Jasmine with traditional Khadas

Huge smiles and creative , thank you charts for the Christmas fun