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Earthquake in Nepal: 25th April 2015


Dear friends

Thank you very much for your concern and good wishes since the devastating earthquake that took place in Nepal on 25th,  April 2015. We have received an overwhelming number of emails, phone calls and messages and are are deeply touched by your concern and eagerness to help. It has given us a great deal of strength and comfort during this difficult time.

Measuring 7.8 richter, the earthquake left a profound trail of destruction in the villages surrounding Kathmandu, in Kavre District (the location of Dwarika’s Resort Dhulikhel) and Sindulpalchowk, along with many other areas of central and western Nepal. We are extremely grateful that all of our Dwarika’s Group of Hotels and Resorts and Kathmandu Travels and Tours team members are all safe. The hotel and resort have experienced only superficial damage in limited areas, which will be addressed over the coming weeks.

Many others across Nepal have not been as fortunate. To date, more than 8,000 lives have been lost, countless homes and villages destroyed. With constant after shocks and smaller earthquakes, the livelihood of Nepalese is threatened.

We have begun to do our part in rebuilding our country. After addressing the needs of our guests, staff and other tourists, we began distributing food, tents and other essential supplies to affected areas where relief had not yet reached. We have groups of staff going out to survey the needs of remote communities, then immediately helping these areas. Other staff members have been busy procuring and packing relief materials to send out. Once the immediate crisis has been managed, we intend to help people to reconstruct their homes and villages, and for this, we will need your support.

Now, the food distribution activities are lessened and have set-up a temporary settlement in Kathmandu. Camp Hope currently houses 331 displaced Nepalese from Sindhupalchowk, a region that lost almost 90% of its' homes. Since their land and homes are inhabitable, the camp is home to many villagers including the elderly, over 150 children, pregnant women and now, a newborn. We have enrolled 82 children in a nearby school and have outfitted them with school bags, books and supplies. Currently, we are in the process of assessing their land, homes and farms, in order to construct new homes for them after the monsoon season.

It is vitally important that Nepalese affected by this natural disaster are able rebuild their lives quickly, sustainably and with dignity. We have budgeted US$30,000 from our side to the fund to start things off. With the help of friends and family, we are managing the camp on our own. Due to the confusion of the Prime Ministers Relief Fund, we are not able to access any incoming disaster relief funds at the time. We are planning to rebuild the five villages that our camp is comprised of; homes, schools, health clinic, community hall and farms with ecological and sustainable building techniques that incorporate the value systems important to these communities. We would be grateful for any financial support that you could provide.  For the moment  we request you to gather donations, but not to send funds immediately. We will let you know as soon as the appropriate plans and processes are in place.

In the meantime, we will keeping you updated of our daily relief efforts our blog listed on the Dwarika's website. Please check it out daily for more information: www.dwarikas.com/more/blog. In time, we will write a newsletter which will share further information. Please keep Nepal in your thoughts and prayers as we work on addressing and rising from this disaster.

With deep gratitude,

Ambica Shrestha, Sangita Shrestha Einhaus, Rene Vijay Shrestha Einhaus and the entire Dwarika’s and Kathmandu Travels & Tours family


Download the Project’s Presentation Brochure, click here


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Women’s Knitting program at Camp Hope Hostel: 30/7/2017

Camp Hope members are utilizing their time in a very fruitful way.Camp ladies nowadays are spending their entire day knitting the clothes.They are making woolen caps, sweaters, trousers etc. so that they can sell and earn money for their households.Previously they got their knitting, sewing training in our big Camp Hope and now they are making benefits from those training. 

These ladies have developed their skills and this is making their lives much easier and pleasant.

                    Camp Hope members looking at the details of their product.

                    One of the oldest member of Camp Hope working on her product.

                                                  Work in Progress!

                                  Ladies busy with their work. Focused and dedicated!

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Yoga classes in Camp Hope Hostel: 17/7/2017

‘Yoga ‘is the practice of retrieving and incorporating all aspects of our true nature body, mind, and spirit.Our camp hope children are taking ‘Yoga’ classes from instructor Mr.Shambu Prasad Paudyal every day in the morning from 7:30 am to 8:30 am.Yoga will not only help to strengthen their physical body but also will make their mental health good. These children are learning each method of yoga sincerely and start their day with meditation. These exercises will help to develop their confidence and concentrate better in their lives. Some of the asanas our camp children perform are breathing asanas (pranayama), Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), Kapal Bhati, triangle pose and other exercises.

We hope these yoga practices will help them to be focused on their studies and other works.

                  Camp Hope children performing breathing exercise in their daily Yoga session.

                   Children performing ‘bhamri’ or ‘Humming bee breath’ exercise.

              Children doing their meditation in presence of Yoga instructor, Mr. Shambu Prasad.

              Simran, Anu in the front and other children performing exercises at Camp Hope Hostel

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A Heartwarming Farewell to Mr. João – 22/6/2017

A very emotional and memorable ceremony concluded in Camp Hope hostel while giving a farewell to Obrigado Portugal volunteer Mr. João Hipolito. João helped camp hope families and gave his time and effort to Our Dream Village project for three months. He showed how someone can be helpful to others and still be happy fulfilling others needs and dreams. Camp hope families gave him a heart-warming ceremony for his help and support to this project. The ceremony started with some Buddhism prayers, cake cutting and music and dance. Children gave their best wishes to João for his future endeavors and thanked him for his immense help and support. 

We all wish you a wonderful journey ahead João and hope to meet you soon!

                                        João with little Camp Hope kids

                            Villagers giving their best wishes and thanks to João by putting’ khada’.

                         Smiling João in Nepalese traditional hat ‘Dhaka Topi’.

                           João cutting the cake on his farewell ceremony.

                               Camp kids giving their well wishes and gratitude to João

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Bulldozer and Truck Moved to the Village - 19/05/2017

The gift given by the people of Japan or through the Japanese embassy to the Our Dream Village Project, a bulldozer and a truck has now been moved to the sindupalchowk district. The truck was fully loaded with the wheelbarrow and barrels for the construction of homes. Volunteers Joao, Charlotte and Dwarika’s staff visited the Sindupalchowk district on this day. Everyone made sure the truck and bulldozer safely reached the place as it is one of the big moment where Our Dream Village (ODV) project take its step forward.

                     Truck given by Japanese Embassy reached the village carrying the wheelbarrow

              Truck and Bulldozer situated in Sindupalchowk district, a gift from People of Japan

            Volunteers Joao, Charlotte and Dwarka’s staffs with villagers in Sindupalchowk district.

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Surveyor Team Visits Sindupalchowk District: 1/5/2017

A whole team of land surveyors, volunteers from Obrigado Portugal and Dwarika’s foundation staffs visited the Sindupalchowk district for pegging the land in order to start the Dream Village project. The surveyor had to only peg those lands which were safe to make homes as per the geological report.

Villagers were quite excited as their Dream Village project has started its work. Surveyors and the team will be staying for four to five days until all the safe land is pegged for building homes.

                         Villagers helping the Surveyors finding the land.

                       Survey team measuring land for plotting at Sindhupalchowk site

                                    Surveyor team with their equipment.

                                                Pegging of land.

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Visit at Sindupalchowk District : 1/5/2017

Villagers welcomed the team from Kathmandu at Sindupalchowk district where Dream Village project is going to be built. The team included volunteers from Obrigado Portugal, Surveyors team, Sangita Shrestha Einhaus, engineers from the Dwarika’s hotel. The meeting was held at the district discussing the topic of the land exchange between villagers.In this project villager whose land are safe to build homes are sharing it with the one whose land are not safe according to the geological survey report. This is a collaborating project where each villager is helping each other to build their homes. We hope this unity will inspire people to do something good for others.

                  Villagers welcoming guests in Sindupalchowk district.

                    DugunaGadi committee members, Volunteers, villagers in meeting

                                  Villagers involvement in the meeting

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Meeting of Sindupalchowk villagers with Bank representative- 28/4/2017

A small meeting was held at Dwarika’s premises with Sindupalchowk villagers and Himalayan Bank employee. The main purpose of this meeting was to help villagers in need in granting loans to buy land. This meeting with bank people has boosted the villager’s energy in completing the Dream Village project more effectively.

                  Sangita Shrestha Einhaus , Villagers and Bank people in Dwarika’s premises.

                 Bank employee in discussion with Finance controller of Dwarika’s.

                           Bank representative giving some details.

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New Students in Camp Hope Hostel- 27/4/2017

Four new students from marginalized family background were enrolled in our Camp Hope hostel. These four kids named Aakash, Bibek, Kopila and Shree Krishna were very excited to meet their new friends and get enrolled in Samata School.

Because of devastating earthquake these child studies was hampered. We hope their new journey in Camp hope hostel will be enjoyable and learning experience.

             Camp hope hostel new members Aakash, Bibek, Kopila and Shreekrishna.

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Meeting with Duguna Gadi Villagers at Camp Hope Hostel: 29/3/2017

A small meeting was held at Camp Hope Hostel on 29th march 2017 in presence of Duguna Gadi Committee villagers, Dwarika’s foundation, and members from Obrigado Portugal, Namlo Europa and Shanti Sewa Griha. The main agenda of this meeting was to discuss about the upcoming big project for all these people, ‘The Dream Village’ project. The discussion included topics like name list of householders, the workers list for the project, women’s work during project etc.

The beginning of the ‘The Dream Village’ project has started and we all hope that it will be a memorable journey.

                           Sanu Sherpa discussing on the topic.

                                    Participant’s villagers in the meeting.

                          Participants members of the meeting.

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Bulldozer,Truck & Stone Crusher handover to villagers from Japanese Ambassador: 20/3/2017

On 20th march 2017 Japanese ambassador H.E.Mr.Masasi Ogawa handed over a bulldozer, truck and stone crusher to the villagers of Camp Hope through Dwarika’s Foundation. This bulldozer, truck and stone crusher will be used for building their dream houses in their own villages. This symbolic event started the next step to the main project ‘The Dream Village ‘of building 230 houses in the Sindupalchowk district. The ceremony included traditional dances from the villagers and camp hope kids. The program was attended by Mrs. Ambica Shrestha and Business Professional Women (BPW) members.

Ambassador Ogawa was very much pleased to help these villagers in building their houses. We heartily thank Japanese Embassy and people of Japan in playing a vital part in our Dream Village Project.

             Villagers performs traditional dance in front of Ambassador.

              Traditional Buddhists rituals performed by villagers.

              Mrs.Ambica Shrestha giving her well wishes to villagers for their new project.

       Camp Hope girls Tashi,Lakpa and Sneha performing dance in the event.

            Ambassador Ogawa giving his speech for the villagers.

       Old village members with Ambassador, Ambica Shrestha and Sangita Shrestha Einhaus.

                  Bulldozer handover to villagers.

                        Truck handover to the villagers.

            Stone crusher from the people of Japan to villagers.

        Villagers and guests with the Japanese ambassador H.E. Masashi Ogawa.

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President's Club Group Visits Camp Hope Hostel and Samata School: 16/03/2017

President Club group from different part of the world visited Camp hope hostel and Samata school where our Camp Hope kids study. These group have previously supported these children by giving quilts, bed sheets, covers, pillows for the Camp Hope Hostel. This time they came physically to visit these lovely children. They went to visit children from Dwarika’s on local vehicle ‘Tempo’. After reaching to Samata school, they all distributed foods to each child. Then they visited to camp hope hostel where camp children performed beautiful singing and dancing programs. Each person stepped up and enjoyed dancing with the children. They also distributed various gifts to the children.

Every person was astounded with the children’s performances and loved their presence at Camp hope hostel. 

            Guest taking her ride to Camp Hope from Dwarika’s.             

                 The guest, distributing foods to children in their classes.

               Children of Camp Hope hostel singing welcome song for the group.

                          Camp Hope guys showing their dancing talent.

                  Tashi, Suhana and Lakpa performing dance for the guests.

                                        Gifts for the childrens.                          

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A 1200 k.m.Walk : Taj Mahal to Camp Hope

If you think about doing something good for others, even god will be on your side. A humble person from Portugal who was aiding the camp hope families in making their lives better thought to do something further. He thought to walk a 1200 kilometers journey by foot so that he could accumulate some money for these kids’ better lives. This individual was none other than Pedro Queiros, a Portugese national and initiator of Obrigado Portugal.

Pedro started his journey on 10th Jan 2017 and concluded his journey on 3rd March 2017 from the doorstep of Taj Mahal Agra, India to Camp Hope, Kathmandu in 53 days. He shared his experience that his foot got swelled, been sick, couldn’t get proper shelter, was chased by animals, encountered with risky folks but never gave up the hope. It was camp hope children’s wishes, his friends & family’s blessings that he accomplished his mission and collected an amount of $17,131 for these children.

Pedro was greeted by camp hope children, Dwarika’s staffs, Sangita Shrestha Einhaus, Rene Vijay Einhaus, Shavona Shrestha and his friends and walked with him the last 6 kilometers from Maitighar, Kathmandu to Camp Hope. He was astonished by his wife Ghazal’s presence in Nepal for his welcome. Children’s put khada on him, a Buddhism praying was held in Camp Hope hostel for him. On the other day, Camp Hope children performed some singing, dancing program .Pedro was overwhelmed with all this gesture from these kids. But, we all know he has done something beyond imagination and he will be remembered for his good deeds always and forever. 

Thank you Pedro! or as he likes to call himself ; Pedro Sherpa.

                                 Welcome card written by Camp kids for Pedro.

                  Camp kids leaving from Camp Hope Hostel to receive Pedro.

 Sangita overwhelmed seeing Pedro at Maitighar,Kathmandu after his successful 1200 k.m. walk 

              Shavona putting colors on Pedro for his success.

  Pedro stunned seeing his wife Ghazal; she gave a surprise coming to Nepal for his welcome.

                      A group picture with Pedro at Maitighar,Kathmandu.

                               Pedro kissing Nepalese flag.

   Pedro walks his last few kilometers with his supporters and camp kids.

            Pedro thanking god for helping him achieve his successful journey.

               Ghazal performs ‘aarati’ on Pedro for his achievement.

                     Camp kids waiting to put ‘khada’ on Pedro.

              Little Chhiring happy to see Pedro after such long time. A warm hug!

                               A beautiful smile!

                 Ceremony being held at Camp Hope hostel for Pedro’s return.

                 Pedro with a little camp hope member Pradip by his side

            Bimal and guys performing in front of Pedro in his welcome ceremony.

                Camp girls performing traditional Nepalese dance for Pedro.


      Pedro enjoys his presence at Camp hope hostel after his long and successful walk

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New home for children- Camp Hope Hostel-23/02/2017

On the auspicious occasion of Shivaratri day, our camp hope children moved into their new hostel. On the early morning children with an enthusiasm of shifting their home packed their stuffs. Then, with joint efforts from grown-up camp members, Dwarika’s staff, Shavona Shrestha and Sangita Shrestha Einhaus the shifting happened efficiently. Camp hope hostel has office room, children's room, recreation room, dining room, kitchen room, study room, computer room and also room for the guardians.Total sixty five children will be staying in this new and small camp hope with two mamas and two papas as their hostel guardian.Children call their hostel guardians mama and papa.

 As all the supplies were moved the whole hostel was purified by priest with Hindu and Buddhist rites. Children worshipped before entering their rooms. In this camp hope hostel children should be in the discipline and also feel permitted to express their views and notions. Children will help each other in making their lives better. The kids will also have morning prayers and a yoga session with an expert. They will have tuition classes, computer sessions with Wi-Fi zones where they can get knowledge from the internet .They have a recreational room where they can watch their favorite movies and cartoons, play with toys and play other indoor games. 

These kids who have lost their homes will now start a new journey in this camp hope hostel .They do not have access to school in their village because of earthquake destruction. So, they will stay in this little camp hope till they have access to good school in their village. They will be trained to work together, help each other, love each other and get united with each other to accomplish their goals.

                                 Camp kids helping to carry the mattress.

                Kids working together. The mattress was provided by HP group

                   Camp adult members helping each other in shifting the stuffs.

                         Rooms after placing the mattresses and trunks.

       New quilts, pillows and bed cover for camp hope children provided by HP group

                    Sangita Shrestha Einhaus worshipping at camp hope hostel.

 Sangita Shrestha Einhaus putting tika and flowers at the entrance door of Camp Hope Hostel.

                      Children entering into their new Camp Hope Hostel.

                   Simran putting bed sheet on her new Camp Hope Hostel room.

                                             Tashi decorating her room.

                    Boys is about to have their first night sleep in Camp Hope Hostel

                    Girls relishing their presence in their new Camp Hope Hostel room. 

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Farewell to the first and big Camp Hope

After living for two years in camp, the camps of our big camp hope was finally dismantled. This camp journey helped each of these individuals to get united in concluding the task.

Now, their new mission together is to build their homes, so that they can have a permanent shelter. The children residing in the camp will be transferred to camp hope hostel. Camp members were feeling down that they had to dismantle their camp.

As for two years, this camp was like their family to each person, all the camp members were like their family members.

Although, they were depressed about parting from the camp, but they were glad that they have a new mission to finish out working together, which is building their new home.

A home where they can live together with their children and share all this struggling but beautiful journey of camp hope. For now we give farewell to our big camp hope but we still have a beautiful journey to live in our camp hope hostel.

                                                            Camp Hope

                                       Camp Hope camps finally dismantled!

                                        The last camp remaining to dismantle

                                  Camp members getting the stuff from camp.

                    Camp Hope children Binita and Rinza looking for their things.

                                                     Farewell Big Camp Hope !

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Building Camp Hope Hostel

In few days our big camp hope will be dismantled. Adults will go to their villages for their faming and other purposes. But, children cannot move there as there is no schools. One of the main reason Camp hope hostel is built because of giving continuity to these kids study. Construction of camp hope hostel was a collective task from camp hope members and the Dwarika’s maintenance team. Camp hope hostel was designed to be made from bamboos and woods. Painted in blue, yellow and white, the hostel looks very appealing.

The kids themselves selected their favorite color for the hostel. The hostel consists of 10 rooms with kitchen, dining area and study area. The rooftop of the hostel is made in early Nepalese pagoda style. 

This new journey of camp hope children in this hostel will surely make some lovely memories to cherish.

                                Hostel premises being cleaned up before construction

                                              Making of Camp Hope Hostel floor.

                      New home for our camp children, Camp Hope Hostel making in process.

                       Members working together building the top.

                                 Painting the walls.

                               Beautiful design of bamboos.

                                                       Almost finished !

                               Camp Hope Hostel,New home for Camp Hope children.


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Visitors from England in Camp Hope - 21/01/2017

A family from England visited camp hope children in their camp and the newly made hostel. They also brought some clothes for the campers from their home. Sarah with her twin girls India and Georgie and their friends Will and Liv came to visit these lovely camp members.

These families were very excited to visit them and enjoy the full day with these children. The twin girls India and Georgie were very happy to meet other twin boys of camp Ram and Laxman. As it was Saturday and children were having their regular futsal game, visitors also played with these kids.

                             Our camp twins Ram and Laxman and twin visitors Georgie and India.

                                     Visitors enjoying their futsal game with Camp Hope children.

                                    After game Will,India,Georgie,Sarah and children giving a snap.


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Clear Vision Operation – 15/01/2017

Dwarika’s foundation helped five people of the Sindupalchowk district in getting their cataract surgery on 15th January 2017.Cataract is clouding of the lens of the eye, which averts clear vision. There were about five patients with age between eleven years to eighty four years whose successful operation was performed.

The patient included older women, male and children. The surgery was done by the cataract surgery experts .Dwarika’s devoted staff D.V.Basnet ’Guruji’, was involved in arranging and managing this task from the start.

We hope this small effort from Dwarikas foundation will make these few people lives easier as they can now clearly view things.

                                                       Small kid getting an eye checkup.

                                       Patient happy faces as they can have clear view eye sight.

                                               A satisfaction looks from little child after surgery.

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Birthday,Wishes & Fun with Camp Hope Kids

Sean Einhaus Shrestha ‘JuJu’ celebrated his birthday with kids of camp hope in Dwarikas.He spent his special day with these kids and had some beautiful time.

The celebration was full of joy and all camp hope kids gave their best wishes to the birthday boy. Sean was very much happy that he got an opportunity to enjoy his best day with such lovely kids. Kids were delighted to have a day off and have delicious food along with an enjoyable program. Also some of these little campers showed their singing talent and dancing moves.

Sean said that it was his best birthday ever as he could celebrate his birthday with his camp family members.

                                                       Sean with little twins Ram and Laxman.

                                       Small Camp Hope member Choten giving her wishes to Sean.

                                              Sean.Lakpa,Pema,Tashi and Sneha in humor mood.

                                                        Ms.Monic giving her wishes to Sean.

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Hopes, Carol & the Ice Cream – It’s Christmas : 25/12/2016

It was Christmas night when camp hope children and Dwarika’s family made this beautiful evening a memorable one. Children singing the lovely Christmas carol made the evening even more amusing and musical. Camp hope children first sang their Christmas carol in Hotel Annapurna then on Hotel Hyaat. After finishing their program they returned back to Dwarikas and sang their concluding carol.

It was Ms.Monic exertion and supervision that these children were able to accomplish so exquisitely. The children also shared their carol singing experience in different places like the Hyatt and Annapurna in Dwarikas.

Similarly, they were given some staging tips from our very own Mrs. Ambika Shrestha. She, gave a beautiful message to them as ‘Always be together’. She imparted them how being united will benefit them to make their life even more beautiful. Also this Christmas Mr.Haiko presented the camp members some warm wears as a gift .We are very gratified of you Mr Haiko, you were a real santa here. Ms. Monic also presented some gift for this Christmas, to the girls in camp hope.

The night concluded with some wonderful advices, children’s speeches, delicious food and last but not the least a chilling Ice cream.

Camp Hope kids singing carol at Hotel Annapurna

Campers and the guest taking group picture after carol singing at Hotel Annapurna

Camp Hope kids singing their Christmas carol in Hyatt 

Ms. Monic giving some last tips on while  carol singing at Dwarikas

Bowls going to be empty soon ! The delicious Ice cream .

Mrs.Ambika Shrestha, President of Dwarikas giving some tips on stage presentation

Mr.Haiko providing some winter wears gifts to camp hope family

Sean interacting with the kids in Camp Hope

Sean and Monic presenting gifts to the children

Children waiting to get their christmas gifts from Ms.Monic

Sean and Monic enjoying presence of little camper

                                      It must be delicious! Kids waiting to get their Christmas cookies

Sean and kids enjoying their conversation  

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Fun, Friends and the Football : 26/11/2016

Our camp hope youngsters played a sociable match with professional football players in Thimi football ground. The event took place in presence of camp hope family, Sangita Shrestha Einhaus , volunteer Dr. Tiago., Dr. Juanna, Rene Vijay Einhaus ,Shavona Shrestha and coach OM.

It was coach OM Raut effort that this event took place and we are very thankful of him. Sean Navin Einhaus ‘Juju’ also took part in this friendly match being in side of camp hope players. The event started with players entering the arena with their kid mascot and standing for the national anthem of Nepal and FIFA theme song.

The game  looked very intense as every one of them were giving their best for the output. Even though the game was won by Professional players, we accept as true every single one of them won the hearts. It was match played in order to make camp members feel the real game scenario with professionals.We believe as in a football match every individual will contribute for each other, so that they can make their forthcoming exists improved and sheltered. 

Sean with little camper arriving at the ground

Players with their mascot and the national flags of Nepal and Portugal

March pass done before beginning the match

Sean’s eyes on the ball !A true player spirit

A look at the audience !

A good struggle for success

Sean handshake with football coach OM 

  Players, supporters, and the football coach Mr.Om Raut

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A Proper Goodbye : 02/11/2016

It was time to give farewell to our friend, ally and a very good human Ms. Francisca from Obrigado Portugal.

A proper goodbye fete was held in camp hope for her. The ceremony was done in Sherpa traditions. She was served with foods, fruits and drinks. Francisca was felicitated with’ khada’ by each adherent of the camp hope. She also shared her lovely and earnest journey in facilitating the camp hope family. The ceremony also concluded with traditional Sherpa dance form.

Francisca your aid and support to these families was precious. You will always remain in the heart of these folks. Always be like this and immense of love from Nepal.

Francisca at the farewell blessings

The worship performed 

Camp Hope women presenting ‘ khada’ to Francisca

Francisca getting snap with village development committee president 

Francisca with senior citizens of camp hope during farewell


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Bhai Tika - A festivity of Relation : 1/11/2016

The festive period is still on. It’s the festivity of brother and sister relation, Bhai Tika.Bhai tika was celebrated at camp hope where Ms.Francisca and other visited the camp.

The celebration was done by putting tika and garland between brother and sisters.Francisca also celebrated by receiving tika from the men of camp hope. The delicious food, fruits, rotis and drinks were served to everyone. The members and the visitants relished the day by dancing in traditional form. The ladies were seen wearing their traditional costumes.

A beautiful festive day was spent in camp hope by wishing each other for the prosperous future and vigorous life.

 Francisca puts Bhai tika and wore a garland 

 Members of camp hope performing in their ritual dancing 

 Francisca and her friends participating and enjoying the ritual dance 

Camp ladies in their traditional dresses 

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Festival of Lights and Colors : 30/10/2016

The season of the festival is here and our camp hope family are relishing every bit of the moment. The Laxmi Puja celebration was started by worshipping goddess Laxmi and lightening the camp.

The kids made some beautiful Rangoli, an art made through colors. The children also performed the special dance on ‘deusi’ in camp hope and later they performed specially for Dwarikas family at courtyard of Dwarikas.Together with Mrs.Sangita Shrestha ,other visitors also enjoyed the deepawali celebration in camp hope and Dwarikas.

Deepawali is considered to be the festive of lights and colors, we wish Camp hope family will also find their inner light and move forward in their life driving away all the obscurity they have faced before.

Camp hope kids taking snap near Rangoli

‘Happy Deepawali’ board at Camp Hope

Making of ‘Rangoli’ in the process

A fully decorated ‘Rangoli’ made by Camp hope family

Festival of lights! 

Pemba carrying flowers to decorate, With his beautiful  smile

Pema is making footsteps of goddess Laxmi

‘Camp Hope Esperanca’ decoarating Camp Hope

Children’s of Camp Hope at Dwarikas for their ‘Deusi-Vaili’ performances 

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Fun at the Fun Park : 20/10/2016

Our camp hope kids enjoyed one full day at the fun park sited at Bhrikuti Mandap in Kathmandu. The kids were very much thrilled to stopover the place as they had not visited and relished the different playing stuffs installed at the fun park.

Along with the kids Mrs. Sangita Shrestha Einhaus and Ms. Francisca also adored the moment. Kids were seen relishing children ride (train), Carousel, children Columbus and bumping cars. The fun was startling as we could see a stunning smile on each of their innocent faces. After the ride kids were served with the packed foods made at camp hope. Also, they enjoyed the delicious ice cream.

Camp hope children at the fun park

Kids thrilled with the Children Columbus ride

Little Camper, Ram Sherpa with his twin brother Laxman and their friends 

It's more fun than in real horse! Pemba and his friends

Its food time! Camp hope family enjoying their lunch with Sangita

Francisca with the Ice cream lover little camper

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Celebration of Victory Over Vice: Dashain In Camp Hope – 12/10/2016

Dashain is a festival which symbols celebration of victory over vice, truth over untruth and justice over injustice. The goddess Durga known as the goddess of victory is worshipped with great devotion, during the first nine days. Dashain is also the period of family get-togethers and feasts where people forget their variances.

Camp hope family also celebrated this divine festival in the presence of Mrs. Sangita Shrestha Einhaus and Ms. Francisca. Sangita, put tika on child’s forehead and also to camp hope family and blessed them for their stunning upcoming future

The red color tika on everybody’s forehead looked very attractive as it’s the color of determination, color of strong will and color of the spirit. We all hope this festival conveys a drive in them to grasp their future sturdily and make each other’s life lovely.

Mrs.Sangita Shrestha Einhaus putting tika on small camper Chiring.

Camp hope little kid Pradip ,Dashain tika on his forehead with innocent smile

Friends forever! 

Mr.Basnet,Dwarikas employee getting tika from Sangita at camp hope

Francisca and her friend with red tika on forehead and a very beautiful smile

Senior members of camp hope family 

Beautiful juniors Nima and Chhenga with their red tika.

Its selfie time !Liitle camper boys Pema and Pemba having fun of Dashain celebration.




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Colorful Strokes In Paper: An Art Day In Camp Hope

Art is an expression of ideas, feelings or love in the form of drawings, paintings, or any other means. The aim of an art can be to communicate divine and philosophical ideas, to craft a nous of beauty or to just show an emotion.

A similar day was spent in camp hope where many little camp members and adult members exhibited their sentiment and feelings in the form of paintings. It was very delight to watch these kids stroking their notions in paper. They displayed their adoration and regard for Obrigado Portugal and Dwarikas foundation in various art forms. Some of them also drew their dream village where they would want to spend their life.

We expect that these children’s flair doesn’t get squandered and hope they always have the right means to express their spirits and thoughts.

An art by camp hope member Anu

Dabutti’s Art explaining love for the country Nepal

Doma with portray of her own picture

Hanging Paintings!

Kids busy in selecting their favorite colors

Love for Nepal and Portugal 

Little artist with her creation!

Binita and her love for Nepal, Germany and Portugal 

Painting in hand with beautiful colors

Our old camp member with her hidden talent

Doma showing her painting of nature

Love for Camp Hope! Kids drawing their dream house

Suhana with her abstract painting

She’s really got a skill and a lovely smile!

 Pema, Pasang and friends with their colored hands.

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Game of Hopes – Camp Hope Game Day

Games help people to take the lead and also learn. They persuade players to triumph and also consent their failures and setbacks. Children should always partake in playing games as it aids them to set their objective, bestow attention, time, exertion and try to accomplish the end goals.

Likely, a game day was organized in Camp Hope where children and volunteers played. Camp hope children were seen playing with kites, hula-hoop, table tennis, seven stones and some local Nepalese games. These games abetted them in learning the power of being together.

Francisca from Obrigado Portugal was also seen playing with these little kids. We could see each of them joining with each other in order to win and succeed in their aim. We hope that these games build optimisms on them to get the desired goals being together.  

 Kids working together and enjoying their games 


Camp Hope kids with their own idea of building!

Camp Hope kids with their version of Eifel Tower !

Pema and his friends playing Seven Stones.

I can skip high! Kid enjoys her skipping.

Look, I can jump high! Kids playing in Camp Hope 

 Francisca participating and enjoying with kids in game day.

Bivash trying to skate!

                                                           LittleKid tries to move his fan!

                   I can Hula-hoop better than others! 

Francisca relishing her swing


 Pasang swinging high!   

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Let’s be heroes! - 24/09/2016

Let’s be Heroes Foundation is an organization whose mission is to convert love into action by promoting values, solidarity and volunteer work around the world; training people willing to get involved in humanitarian actions and connecting people, organizations and social projects. Their objective is to inspire more and more people to “become heroes”, in other words, people that put their talents at the service of others to create equitable societies with solid values. 

The founder, Eduardo Verástegui, is the producer of the film Little Boy, a movie recently played at Camp Hope and which message deeply touched its residents. Inspired by Little Boy and by the video message that Mr. Verástegui sent to them, the children and youth decided to join the Let’s be Heroes movement. They formed groups to undertake positive actions looking to improve their environment.  

One of the groups asked for support to visit an orphanage so they could play and bring happiness to other vulnerable children. Our volunteers Lya, Pedro and Matt, took the 4 girls and 2 boys to an orphanage in Thaiba that is supported by “Operation Nepali Child”, a UK registered charity which supports two orphanages in the Kathmandu valley. Matt, one of our volunteers at Camp Hope is a trustee with this organization, and through him we hope to establish a regular connection with the children from Camp Hope and the orphanages.


Om and Lya helping Camp Hope children to organize the teams of heroes

Orphanage visit - Suhana made a nice bracelet for her new friend

Matt, Lya, Pedro and Edward with the children of Operation Nepali Child and Camp Hope 


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Special Friday’s movie night - 23/09/2016

Actor and moviemaker Eduardo Verástegui sent Camp Hope his latest movie “Little Boy”, an inspirational movie with three central messages: hope, love and faith. He also recorded a video for the Camp Hope family, sending a personalized message which reflected his interest in them. This was a great surprise for Camp Hope’s residents and made this movie night very memorable and special occasion.

In his video message, the producer Mr. Verástegui talked about the importance of loving and forgiving more than we judge or complain, and invited the Camp Hope members to put all their efforts in becoming the best version of themselves, by putting their talents at the service of other people, what he calls “being a hero”. In order to motivate the children to excel academically, he also talked about how education is crucial for having access to better opportunities. 

The children, teenagers and adults truly enjoyed the film and agreed to answer back to Mr. Eduardo trough a video message and thank him for his interest and support.


Mr. Eduardo Verástegui sent a personalized video message for Camp Hope 

Ben Eagle, the super hero of Little Boy 

Sosan posing like Ben Eagle, de Super Hero of Little Boy movie 

Ben Eagle pose – Bibas and Raju

Children, teenagers and adults enjoyed the film





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Playing football will never be the same! - 22/09/2016

Camp Hope female soccer team has made big progress due to the girls and young women efforts and dedication. Despite playing barefoot for a long time, they have never lost their enthusiasm.

As you may recall, in May 2016 the Portuguese soccer player Hugo Viana and his wife visited the camp. Aware of the girls’ motivation and interest in soccer, he decided to support the female team to be well equipped for their coming football match. He sponsored football shoes for all the girls in the team! 

It was a challenge to find these types of shoes for the 14 girls, but after visiting over 10 shops and trying around 4 pairs each, all of them got spanking new shoes! 

Thank you Hugo for supporting Camp Hope girls in their efforts in sports.

Rinza, volunteer Lya, Doma, Suhana and Manisha at the shoes shop

 The female team showing off their new soccer shoes

 Nhisa and Sneha

 Doma trying her new soccer shoes


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Wedding reception in Camp Hope - 11/09/2016

Our friends Pedro and Ghazal got married! They celebrated their emotional union in a Buddhist and Hindu ceremony, promoting peace, love, and harmony among people with different backgrounds, casts, religions and culture. 

Pedro sported Sherpa clothing, while Ghazal wore a traditional Hindu dress. The wedding was marked by an abundance of flowers, colors, dances, joy, laughter, food and rain – marking the monsoon period here in Nepal. Next year, they will have a wedding reception in their home countries of Portugal and Iran; but it was very important for them to have a marriage ceremony in Nepal, to allow their Nepali friends to share with them this happy milestone in their lives. 

Congratulations on your new life together Pedro and Ghazal! Dwarika’s Foundation wishes you love and happiness in your marriage. 

Sangita congratulating the happy couple

Pedro in his Sherpa clothing and Ghazal looking beautiful on her Hindu dress

Over 335 guests attended the wedding

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E.T. the Extraterrestrial at Camp Hope - 09/09/2016

This Friday movie night, Camp Hope’s members watched Steven Spielberg’s film E.T. The-Extraterrestrial for the first time. 

To start with, the children were scared of E.T., but the night ended up being an event of tears and laughter.


Just like protagonist in film, the children at Camp Hope also want to go home.


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Happy Birthday Tashi - 28/08/2016

We wish you a very happy birthday, may you have a life full of joy, love and blessings our dear Tashi! 


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IOM donates material to cover the tents and protect Camp Hope’s members from rains and difficult weather - 12/08/2016

After over than a year, Camp Hope’s tents are not in the best conditions to withstand the monsoon season. For this reason the International Organization for Migration (IOM) supported our camp by donating material to cover the tents. 

Children and adults of Camp Hope are now able to protect themselves from the strong rainfalls. 

Dwarika’s Foundation, Associação Obrigado Portugal, and the Camp Hope family are deeply grateful to the IOM for their huge support.

Camp Hope’s residents are still living in the same tents, over a year after the earthquake in April 2015 

The camp looks much better with the corrugated sheets, and most importantly the tents are now sheltered from the rain!

With no water inside the tents, people can continue with their everyday activities. Here, women from the camp practicing what they have learned from the knitting workshop

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Raising funds from the sky - 08/08/2016

Karen Thomas, one of our volunteers from England who visited Camp Hope last year, came up with an authentic idea to raise funds for Our Dream Village project: she did a Wing Walk!

Thank you Karen for supporting this project that will allow Camp Hope members to go back to their villages.

We are glad that everything went well during your wing walk!

Here, a Facebook post of Karen

“…all the money raised for Our Dream Village - is worth it for my few minutes of hell!” 

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Arthur Brito finally reaches Kathmandu - 28/06/2016

More than 20 years ago, Artur Brito lost his left leg in a motorcycle accident, but this didn’t stop him – today he became a hero to our Camp Hope residents.  

After 50 days and nearly 12000 km of travel, Mr. Brito finally accomplished his trip from Faro, Portugal to Kathmandu. He rode across 10 countries on a Honda PCX  125cc to raise funds for Our Dream Village project.

Camp Hope residents were tremendously happy to welcome Mr. Artur, and were truly amazed of his audacious and inspirational action. 

The Dwarika’s Foundation and Obrigado Portugal are enormously grateful to Mr. Artur for such an amazing support. 

Honorary consul of Portugal, Mr. Rajendra Khetan gave very warm welcome to Mr. Artur Brito 

Ms. Francisca from Obrigado Portugal welcoming Mr. Artur Brito 

Mendo Sherpa welcoming Artur 

The children from Camp Hope with Mr. Artur Brito holding both the Nepali and Portuguese flags, showing the collaboration of Obrigado Portugal Association and Dwarika’s Foundation to support earthquake victims

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Camp Hope family grows - 17/06/2016

On June 17, a new baby joined Camp Hope’s family. Healthy and beautiful, she has been named Dawa Lhamu, but the people at the camp call her Kusum. Her mother, Sangmu Sherpa is fully happy and takes great care of her baby girl. Sangmu says that her biggest dream is that little Kusum attends school and graduates from university. 

Sangmu Sherpa with her little girl

Dawa Lhamu and Sangmu Sherpa 

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Property and land division: One of the major challenges for Our Dream Village project - 03/06/2016

 As you may remember, Our Dream Village project’s goal is to rebuild 222 houses for the 1181 people from Sidupalchowk. The reconstruction works will take place on the mountain, where earthquakes, landslides and heavy rains have seriously damaged the lands. Thus, there are only a few pockets of land considered by the geologists as low risk areas where people can live. The rest of the land can be used for farming and agriculture. But for this to be possible, people have to work as a united community. 

In this purpose, the DUGUNA GADI VILLAGES DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE was created. The committee is made up of representatives of the 14 villages that the project will benefit, and is in charge to organize the community, the division and sharing of the lands. 

Many villagers owning low risk area lands have handed them to the Committee for the sake of the community. 

Big teamwork has been done to locate the available lands on the map

Neema and Doma working on the databases and translations

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Ladies at the Camp Hope went to handicraft exhibition

The Camp Hope ladies are very hardworking and creative. Looking for different ways to get an income, they have got involved in different activities, such as knitting, carpet weaving, sewing, and envelope making. 

These women have shown great interest in learning new skills. Therefore, Sangita took them all to the handicraft exhibition at Brikutimandap, Kathmandu. They were very excited to visit different stalls with Nepalese handicrafts, including wooden pots, handmade clothing, and carpets. 

Hopefully they will get new skills allowing them to produce more handmade products, and increase their chances to grow their income.

Different hand made products were exhibited

Camp Hope ladies at the exhibition

Camp Hope ladies at the exhibition

Sangita and Camp Hope ladies attending the handicraft exhibition


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Miss Nepal 2016, Asmi Shrestha, and other contestants of the beauty pageant visited Camp Hope - May 5

Miss Nepal 2016 contestants, including the winner Asmi Shrestha visited Camp Hope. The kids were very happy to meet these beautiful and talented women. To show their gratitude, they prepared a musical performance to entertain their guests.

Dwarika’s Foundation is very thankful to Miss Nepal 2016 Asmi Shrestha and the other contestants for giving their precious time to our children.

The children were very excited to meet Miss Nepal 2016 

Kids warming up with Miss Nepal 2016 contestants 

The president of the Dwarika’s Foundation Ms. Ambica Shrestha, and Miss Nepal 2016 contestants, enjoying the show that Camp Hope’s children prepared for them

Traditional dances were performed to entertain the guests

Bimal and Tashi making use of their music talents to welcome their guests

Group Picture of Miss Nepal  with Camp Hope Family


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Namlo Europa helps children to get ready to start school - 04/2016

As the new school session starts, Namlo Europa supported Camp Hope by distributing uniforms and shoes. Namlo Europa is a non-profit organization aiming to improve the lives of people in difficult situations through educational programs. Their projects are designed to empower and train communities to become self-efficient.

The Dwarika’s foundation is very grateful to Namlo Europa and its representative Mr. Trish, for supporting our children on their educational needs.

Camp Hope children trying their new school shoes

Uniforms distribution

Pradip and Pranisha showing off their new uniforms sponsored by Namlo Europe


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Dentist Without borders came to the Camp for free dental checkup for residents

Smile is a beautiful curve in a person’s face which shows happiness within. Deborah Jost Traesel and Aviva from the dentists without borders came to the camp to check dental hygiene of our camp residents. All the residents along with our little kids were very excited to have their oral health checked and they were happy to learn the tips on dental hygiene. Everyone in the camp were distributed with new tooth brush by Deborah and Aviva. The Dwarika’s Foundation and Obrigado Portugal are very grateful to the ladies for thinking about the CAMP HOPE family.

Lady at the Camp Hope posing with a toothbrush

Dental checkup by Deborah and Aviva from Dentists without Borders

Kids posing with the new brush distributed by Deborah and Aviva

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Camp Hope welcomes Mr. Hugo and Mr. Garcia

Mr. Hugo Viana does not require any introduction because of his name and crazy fan following in the international football world. The children at the Camp Hope were super excited to meet him in person and get football mentoring from him while he was in Kathmandu, Nepal. Hugo brought complete set of football accessories for the kids of camp which was later sported by kids while playing football with Hugo.

Another great visit to Camp Hope was from Mr. Joao Garcia, the first Portuguese to climb Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world without oxygen. Mr. Garcia discussed with the children about the challenges and beauty of the mountains.

These kinds of supports from international persona is highly acknowledged by the Camp Hope family and very grateful for being there to strengthen the confidence within to regain insurance in life in near future.

Welcoming hug to Mr. Hugo from one of the camp member

Hugo with football fan kids of the Camp Hope

Hugo with kids of the CAMP HOPE with Pedro and Francisca from Obrigado Portugal posing for group photo

Mr. Garcia with Pedro, Durval and Christina from Obrigado Portugal along with kids at the Camp Hope

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A beautiful weekend for the class topper children of Camp Hope

Weekend always bring something beautiful and exciting for the kids of the Camp Hope. All the kids have started their new session for 2016 and the celebration for the class toppers 2015 is yet to rejoice. 

All invited children are very hard working in their studies which made them topper in their class with very good percentage. Rewards always motivates individuals so the day was truly rewarding itself as they enjoyed swimming, experienced gym and even received prizes which will definitely work as a booster for them to study even better. The evening was followed up by yummy dinner which was quite cherishing for all our kids at the camp. 

Sangita and Pedro hosting dinner for the 2015 grade topper kids of Camp Hope

A bunch of girls enjoying sunny afternoon in swimming pool with Francisca

Kids warming up at the Das Gym 

Children’s Name tag with their grade and percentage set on the dinner table

Topper kids dinning with Sangita and Sam


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1st May visit to Sindhupalchowk

On 1st of May, a team of beautiful hearts headed to the Duguna Village, Sindhupalchowk district where Sangita from the Dwarika’s Foundation with Francisca from Obrigado Portugal , Mr. Forest:a friend and supporter of the Camp Hope, Luis and Aurora from Smile for the world and Mr. Heiko from Shanti Sewa Griha.

 During the last visit, Bridge was half way in rebuilding however this time 4 wheeler vehicle easily crossed the Bhotekoshi river by the mode of the only bridge that can access to the village. This time rebuild road took half of the team to the Yarmasing village. The team also monitored the lines put in different places by the geologists of engineers without borders to observe the movement of the land.

Thanks’ to Luis and Aurora from Smiles for the world who distributed school supplies in Duguna, the only school in the locality of the villages of OUR DREAM VILLAGE project.

The foundation is extremely beholden to Mr. Forest for his generosity as always for bringing lots of clothing and linens for our people from the United States of America. Without the support of all our partners, we would not be able to make it this far and we hope for good support to make the project “Our Dream Village” come true.

Ladies at the village ready to welcome to the team from Kathmandu with traditional Khada

Children gathered to collect their school supplies

Temporary village which is imagined to get replaced by the project “Our Dream Village” in near future



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Roads access opens to the villages across the Bhotekoshi River, Sindhupalchowk

Finally the access bridge to Duguna and other villages is made and the road access is opened to the villages up to Yarmasing by the effort of the Duguna Gadi Village Development Committee with the help of their municipality and partners Dwarika’s Foundation and Obrigado Portugal. The bridge is accessible to the villages and the reconstructed roads connect to all the villages.

With the opening of the roadway to the villages, the Project “Our Dream Village” starts now with new hopes and dreams to build 222 houses in 14 villages which will give shelter to approximately 1200 people who are at the moment resettled in the Camp Hope and the villages in temporary houses.

Today, there is hope in the eyes of the Camp Hope residents and other villagers who lost so much, despite of everything what had happened to their houses and land they have started all over again and very much waiting to begin to rebuild their villages and houses.

Birdseye view of the repaired bridge and reconstructed road access

Roadways been constructed up to the Yarmasing village

Difficult roadways above the hills

Team from Kathmandu reached the Duguna Gadi Village by roadway: The Project is started now with the opening of the road to the villages 

Roadways above the hills


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Mr. Felix representing the Rotary Club Borken visit to Sindhupalchowk with Mrs. Sangita and Francisca to discuss with villagers about building school in the village

On 13th April 2016, Mrs. Sangita visited to Duguna Gadi village in Tatopani VDC, Sindhupalchowk with Mr. Felix and Ms. Francisca for the discussion on building of school for the children in the villages, checking the site for constructing the school with the Duguna Gadi Village Development Committee and the school committee.

The villagers gave very warm welcome to Mr. Felix on his visit and he assured the villagers that he with the Rotary Club Borken, Lions Club Borken and Soroptimist International  Borken Germany   will help to build school in the village so that all the children can go to school for their good education.

The number of children has doubled after the earthquake in Duguna Village because the schools of other villages were destroyed; they have managed to teach students in temporary shelter which need to be replaced soon by permanent school with all the necessities of the students as the existing school is only up to grade 5.

The Dwarika’s Foundation as well as all the villagers are very thankful to Mr. Felix for thinking about our children and their education.

Mr. Felix. Getting warm welcome from the children

Mrs. Sangita, Mr. Felix and Ms. Francisca talking about the building of the school in the village to the school village committee and the villagers

Mrs. Sangita carried SECOND BABY (Kevin) born at the Camp Hope in her blissful hands, now Kevin’s family has moved to Sindhupalchowk from the CAMP HOPE

What could be more beautiful than this picture: Lovely villager boy sleeping on Francisca’s (Volunteer from Obrigado Portugal) lap


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The Camp Hope children’s career orientation visit in different organization for career counseling during their school holidays before the next session starts

During the 2 weeks school holidays, our Camp Hope children visited different organization and respected people in order to understand where they want to lead their career in future. All the students above grade 5 visited to different chosen sectors to understand their career development in those sectors.

Some of them visited ICIMOD (International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development), Khumaltar Lalitpur and met Dr. David James Molden( Director General) of the ICIMOD Nepal.

The children also visited IDEA Nepal to get career counseling which was led by the Head of the mission, Ms. Sheri Meyerhoffer.  Similarly, they went to United World Trade Centre, Tripureshwor to see the training phase of the contestants of Miss Nepal 2016 where they performed Catwalk afterwards.

This is the beginning of career orientation process to all these children because they will be getting more opportunities to visit other sectors like banks, airlines and many more. 

Furba Sherpa (Resident of the Camp Hope), intern at the ICIMOD giving brief description of the ICIMOD to the children of the Camp Hope

Director General of ICIMOD Nepal, Dr. David James Molden talking to the children

Curious Children watching attentively while Dr. Molden was explaining about the mountains

Camp Hope children with Dr. Molden and Ms. Furba Sherpa in a group picture


Ms. Furba Sherpa from Sindhupalchowk is a victim of the earthquake 2015 and is one of the resident in the Camp Hope. She has been working as an intern in the ICIMOD Nepal where the children of Camp went to understand career opportunities in the non-governmental organization like ICIMOD.

Dr. Molden gave the concept of the mountain development and the ideas of how ICIMOD has been actively participating in different mountain development projects, improving the livelihood of the people living in mountain areas. This kind of field visit for our Camp Hope Children could be very helpful in understanding different issues related to the environment and sustainability and understand their sectors of career. The Dwarika’s Foundation is very grateful to Dr. Molden for giving the Camp Hope children this opportunity to Visit ICIMOD and talk to him in person.




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Chinese Dinner Birthday Celebrations at the Camp Hope on the occasion of birthdays of Mrs. Sangita and Mr. Rene Vijay

On the birthday of Sangita and Rene Vijay, Chinese dinner program was organized for the Camp Hope residents at the Camp Hope. All the children as well as residents at the Camp were very happy to be part of the birthday dinner prepared by the chefs of the Dwarika’s with variety of Chinese cuisine. 

Sangita helping kids to have their plate served

Kids queued up for yummy Chinese dinner! 

Pema’s happy face with a plate of Chinese dinner